News Injuries and Suspensions 2021

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Obese Arachnid

Chombo Molombo Aficionado
Jan 11, 2008
Dirty Boulevard
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There are no other teams.
Carlisle was probably one of our better players, so I doubt Highmore is straight back in. Howard and Wilkie were both ok, not the reasons we got destroyed, so I don’t think so, unfortunately. He’ll definitely get more games at some stage though...

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Maybe Tomorrow

Club Legend
Dec 7, 2019
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Gold Coast
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Manchester United, All Blacks
Witts ACL.
Smith dead.
Conroy dead.

Baby John finally SC relevant it he keeps his ruck role.

210k def.

If Darcy Fort can make money playing in the ruck anyone can.
Straight swap for Spuddy Dow works for me.

Could give him one week to see how he goes. Zac Smith at least a month away, but he'll stay in the team if he's doing well.

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