News Inside the big issues facing the AFL for 2022 and how the game will look after two Covid impacted seasons

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Jul 3, 2008
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I reckon 33 years is long enough for something to be called a tradition, easy. Richmond v Carlton in the "traditional season opener". How long has that been going ?

There's no set time limit on something becoming a's a feel. I built a pizza oven and it didn't take my kids long to build up the "tradition" of coming over to Dad's place on a Sunday arvo for pizzas. Why do you think I built the bloody pizza oven ?

As KB says, 20 mins plus time on is perfect for footy. (It does my head in that the clock keeps running when th Wallabies are a point down and some Frenchman spends two minutes feigning injury or doing up his shoelaces while the clock keeps counting down. Wtf is that ?!)

20mins plus time on feels right. Few goals kicked, short quarter. Lots of goals kicked, long quarter, the players get it.

As for KBs other thoughts, he's right about the stand rule, it's an abomination and goes against the spirit of the game. It looks stupid, like the mock scrums they still do in rigby league, it looks rubbish because it's faked.

There's a happy medium regarding interchange somewhere between the current amount and where KB says it should be. I reckon it's about 18 a quarter, so that technically, every single player gets a break if needed. That's 72. A good place to start.
1988 was peak music too IMHO.

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