Socceroos International Friendlies - Socceroos V Ecuador Sydney 24/3, Melbourne 28/3

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People complaining about lack of HD on free to air is probably an old persons thing now? Or if you're from out bush. If you're fan of football in Aus and are relying on free to air tv you're going to have a bad time.

I enjoyed that game, Ecuador were very physical for a South American team. The referee was absolute garbage though, could have killed someone and he'd have waved the medicos away.
He was super concerned about the players handing out cynical fouls and getting the medical attention they desperately needed
Disappointing 2nd half from us . Deng appears to trip himself up and falls across the legs of the Ecuador player , pen . The defending at the corner where Ecuador scored was not good enough. Still a good 2 games and exposure for some young players . Referee was 💩.
Just got back. After a spritely first 20 mins it's a miracle we did not lose 6-1. Gauci made some fine saves.

Geez you see how far away from it the likes of Deng and Metcalfe are when you see them up against sides of this quality. Was amazed how strong a side Ecuador rolled out. Full of players in top world leagues. Not sure why our outfit was so weak.

Bos looked good. Goodwin is a total gun.

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