Is Easton Wood a minor or major god?

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Hawthorn United

Brownlow Medallist
Jul 16, 2007
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Other Teams
MUFC, Storm, Rebels
I just want to know why he is the only player that commentators always call by first and second name during games.
Easy. 1 syllable surname.

Commentators just can't help themselves and want to fill every second with noise, so they'll inflate the amount of syllables they'll say on air.


Club Legend
Oct 30, 2014
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Seriously brave and good through 2015-16 and especially through the finals run. Watch his game against GWS and the Grand Final, huge! Has dropped off as a player but better to have reached huge heights than to have never got there at all.
At least he is also putting a case for a cause which many do, but also putting the case for dealing with outcomes. Not just virtue signalling but prepared to lose something for those ideals.

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