Is J-Law as Mystique one of the worst casting decisions of all time?

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Sep 6, 2015
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Rebecca Romijn was so perfect

Virtually every casting decision for the latest XMen series of movies was absolutely deplorable

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Oct 13, 2017
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No. As long as we exist in a universe where Tom Cruise was cast as the 6'5 built-like-a-brick-s**thouse Jack Reacher, all other bad casting decisions pale into insignificance.

I can explain, but not excuse, the Tom Cruise "Jack Reacher" casting.

The problem is, Cruise bought the movie rights to the Jack Reacher novels. This then puts him in charge of different areas of any movie adaption, such as casting, and his ego meant that he could cast himself in the role, even though he didn't fit the profile, because he owned the rights and could do with them as he wished.

This is why he is the lead in all the "Mission:Impossible" films as well.

At one stage, during the 80's, Cruise bought the rights to "Iron Man", and was going to make an Iron-Man movie with himself as Iron Man/Tony Stark. Can you imagine a 5-foot Iron Man?

Thankfully, his run of hits such as "Top Gun", meant that he had no time to film the "Iron Man" movie, he lost interest, and they went into the public domain again, until Marvel Studios bought the rights, and made Iron Man films with Robert Downey Jr.

Imagine what the MCU would have been like with Cruise, rather than RDJ, as Iron Man/Tony Stark.


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Jul 16, 2009
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This is going to sound so bitchy.

I think Jennifer Lawrence is the right casting option for Mystique. Jennifer Lawrence is stunningly non striking. She is hollywood average (not real world average, obviously). She can play the girl next door and the classy glamorous woman but all the while the audience watching can still picture themselves like that.

She is beautiful, but she is also normal looking. For someone who can be anyone, the face she takes for hiding in plain sight is both normal and attractive to suit that sexual style of hers.

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