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Is this worth it or nah?

Discussion in 'Skills, Coaching, Admin, Umpires' started by lions2002, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. lions2002

    lions2002 Rookie

    Brisbane Lions
    Jul 16

    To save you clicking on the video its a Ross Faulker One Touch. It's currently between 70 and 100 bucks. I want to get it to improve my skills, but at the same time I think that I may master it in like an hour and then it will be useless. What do you guys think??

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  2. cptkirk

    cptkirk Premiership Player

    Oct 09
    st kilda east
    It probably sounded like a great idea in theory but na...mastering a skill means the skill needs to be practices as it needs to be performed...this simply brings the ball back to you

    Stick with kicking around the oval to bin targets, goals etc but hopefully with some mates so you don't spend most your time chasing the ball
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