It's the finals countdown - 2021

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Mar 10, 2007
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Yeah nah look it’s an old cliche but we’re just taking it one week at a time. We’re just looking to play our roles, from Buddy to the emergency sub, there are no egos in this team.

The Giants are a super club and they just knocked off a great Collingwood team so there are no easy games. If we trust our brand and follow our processes and just have a real crack the rest will sort itself out hopefully.

If we tackle and apply pressure that’s all it really is. It’s a simple game and we try not to look beyond those basic things but if we keep tackling and really pressuring the man then we’ll hopefully win more than we lose.

It’s a really fantastic group of boys and Pykey is great and Horse is great mate and the medical staff is great so yeah look it’s great and we’re undefeated so it looks great right now but there are no easy games as I said so we’ll just take it one week at a time because that’s all you can do.

You don’t want to look any further ahead than the next game because you could lose the next four but yeah the boys are flying so hopefully we can be competitive against a super Giants team this weekend.

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Oct 14, 2016
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What a fun thread concept. Here are my predictions.

Round 5 vs GWS (SCG)
Round 6 vs Gold Coast (Met)
Round 7 vs Geelong (SCG)
Round 8 vs Melbourne (MCG)
Round 9 vs Collingwood (SCG)
Round 10 vs Fremantle (O)
Round 11 vs Carlton (SCG)
Round 12 vs St Kilda (Marv)
Round 13 vs Hawthorn (SCG)
Round 15 vs Port Adelaide (AO)
Round 16 vs West Coast (SCG)
Round 17 vs Bulldogs (Marv)
Round 18 vs GWS (GIANTS)
Round 19 vs Fremantle (SCG)
Round 20 vs Essendon (Marv)
Round 21 vs St Kilda (SCG)
Round 22 vs North Melbourne (Marv)
Round 23 vs Gold Coast (SCG)

Wins - 0
Losses - 18

Meaning we end up with 4 wins in total which nets us our first wooden spoon in 27 years because Bigfooty is all-powerful and penalises the early crow.
Are you colour blind?

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Jun 15, 2018
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WE will not finish top 4 just setting yourself up with disappointment unrealistic expectations.

If things go well we might be a sneaky chance of finishing in the bottom half of the 8 which would be terrific result but as you can see how things change in 1 week..
Competition sucks just as much tbh. The coaching staff will make the adjustments

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