It's time for a National Comp.

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Pick 54: Big Onions
Jun 28, 2012
AFL Club
We need a national competition to not only bolster the Super sides but to build the Wallabies up to a stronger force. For to long we have heard from the suburban sides that it can't work or that they will fall by the wayside and won't be able to compete.

It would be as easy as getting rid of the Force, little to no effort at all.

Firstly I would start off with eight clubs and grow that by two in the third and fifth seasons until the competition had a total of twelve. Then due to numbers of players, sponsorship avenues and facilities available I would allow NSW/ACT and Queensland to have four sides each, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania one each.


Season 1.
1. Brisbane
2. Gold Coast
3. Sydney
4. ACT / Albury - Wodonga
5. Victoria
6. Tasmania
7. South Australia
8. Western Australia

14 game regular season, full home and away. Top four finals.

Season 3.
9. Central Coast - Newcastle
10. Sunshine Coast - North Brisbane

18 game regular season, full home and away. Top Five finals.

Season 5.
11. West Sydney
12. North Queensland - Townsville / Cairns

22 game regular season, full home and away. Top five finals.

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