Scape Goat I've lost my faith in Ken Hinkley Part 3

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 25, 2013
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Port Adelaide
All 🤡 has to do is negotiate a payout and walk away.
Waiting to get sacked so he gets the whole payout at this point. To stupid for his own good, should have taken the negotiated payout weeks ago. Had he done that he'd of been a small chance for another senior gig.

That ship has sailed.

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Steve Dore

International Trade Facilitator
Aug 30, 2004
a three hour tour.
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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Minnesota Vikings, Canadiens, Ports
I actually wonder about Ken's mental well being with some of his comments in pressers and decisions lately even for Ken's usual illogical coaching etc.
One of the reasons Hinkley wanted to break his contract at Port and take the Gold Coast job was because there would be much less pressure. Instead he took a big fat contract extension to stay at Port with the added pressure that brought. Extra money only suppresses so much pain which I suspect he is now discovering.

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