Toast Jacob Townsend Retires

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All Australian
Nov 28, 2021
Gold Coast
AFL Club
AFL should have given southport the license instead of the plastic suns...

Well done to Towna, more flags than some of the big names of the AFL.

Na they did the right thing. Had to be a stand alone. Majority of QLD footy public aren’t a fan of the Southport.

Similarly to the Dolphins At Redcliffe. Will be interesting to see how their following evolves in the NRL.

Football Tragic

Club Legend
Nov 11, 2010
Punt Rd End
AFL Club
I loved the pure unexpected joy Towner gave us at the end of 2017. He came into the side to put body pressure onto the oppositions best interceptor defender and not only did that role but then became our number one scorer! He just couldn't miss with his left to right fading set shots. I just remembered thinking - 'How can this be happening!?' 'How is this average toiler suddenly become an unstoppable superstar!!!?' He barely made the team and then played so incredibly well that he couldn't be dropped.

I think that fact that he always had a stutter and felt subconscious when communicating off field, made him so aggressive and single minded on field. He communicated loud and clear to any opposition players who got in his way.

Thank you Jacob for helped us break the premiership drought and thank you for giving us all such joy. You are now and forever a Tiger Premiership Hero!

Charlie Pannam

Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 15, 2015
AFL Club
Well done Towner forever a key player in our 2017 glory

Good interview with Towner on SEN this morning at the end of it they mentioned all the Tiger supporters texting in with messages of appreciation and admiration (mine included)

I’ll always remember the vision of him during the 2017 premiership cup presentation and Dimmas speech you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face and I’m sure there was some tears there as well.

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