Jai Serong = Anti-vaxxer

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Mar 19, 2004
Why do you care?

HFC Dr at 1:51

"He's not had a vaccine before"

OK, so then how was he able to play AFL/VFL in 2022 when vaccination was mandatory?

Riddle me that one

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Jack Darling dislikes this

None of our business really, I thought this might violate privacy.

The rule was you needed a vaccination or exemption. The public never needed to know which.

18 months ago you had to show the same business to anyone who asked you so you could get a Frozen Coke at McDonalds

It’s clearlay people’s business

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Was Darling after a legit medical exemption or was it ideological?

"Darling’s proposed medical exemption referenced personal medical grounds and was reviewed by AFL chief medical officer, Dr. Michael Makdissi, and head legal counsel, Andrew Dillon."

"If Darling's exemption was granted, he would have been the first AFL player to be granted a vaccine exemption."
Yeah you had to show a exemption certificate. You

also had to tell your employer why you got the exception also
That's bullshit having to show the why.

I can sort of understand having to declare you were unvaccinated due to the higher risk in some jobs, still a bit intrusive.

Pretty sure you didn't have to show that level of detail at restaurants and stuff though?
... it's not an unfair question to ask, considering he played in 2022 when the AFL regulations dictated that vaccinations were required.
You have zero knowledge as to his underlying medical circumstances. None.

And again ... the AFL at the time of the Darling case said no other players had exemptions

So Hawthorn has questions to answer why Serong played in 2022 unvaccinated or either that the Hawthorn Doc is tellings fibs

edit - it can be noted now that the original HFC website article has now been edited to remove the part about him being unvaccinated which quoted the Doctor in the video (which is still online)
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