Traded James Aish [traded with #69 and future 3rd to Fremantle for future 2nd & 4th]

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Brownlow Medallist
Jan 9, 2009
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions

Collingwood have placed contracted defender James Aish on the trade table as the Magpies look to manage their tight salary cap to clear space ahead of a potentially clutch year of re-signings.

Industry sources have told The Age that courageous backman Aish has been encouraged to find a third AFL club, with the Pies willing to let the former No.7 draft pick go this week despite him being contracted for another 12 months.

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Club Legend
Jul 27, 2011
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Aish, good mate Shaz and our 35 to Crows for 23 and 28?

We can then try and package 23 and 28 up to try and get back into first round.

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So Aish for 28 is about OK although Collingwood are keen sellers and can't imagine too many buyers, so you think Scharenberg is worth an upgrade of 35 to 23 - don't think so

More like 28 at best & something in the 50's

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Brownlow Medallist
Jan 27, 2008
AFL Club
Adelaide are in need of players atm but out of all the players leaving i don't think any are small defenders.

What about the Norwood connection at Port that was supposed to land Orazio?...Bassett and Jonas and Keith Thomas?


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 28, 2014
AFL Club
Aish has been one of our best kicks down the back and is no longer a soft outside player. This is literally the worst time to trade him... Can't expect more than pick 40 for Aish, we really should give him a Whitfield type of role, 75% rebounding hb, 25% wing.

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