Confirmed James Aish [traded with #69 and future 3rd to Fremantle for future 2nd & 4th]

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Sep 16, 2004
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Hope Aish goes well with the Dockers.
Seems a good fella and was judged pretty harshly by some.
Wonder if Freo will play him down back or off a wing.
He will start at one of those positions and end up at Peel. Butter has more resistance.

Les Malone

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Jul 28, 2019
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I have been mean to the guy in my posts, after watching him at Collingwood though he just seems like a continuation of bad recruiting decisions by Freo, i hope he goes well, perhaps even prove me wrong, probably a great bloke from a famous SA footy family, but he seems like a guy who would be great on a Ross Lyon team of defensive soldiers who give their all but in reality wont win you finals or take your team up the ladder.

And he is not the only one at Freo - just history repeating.


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May 12, 2013
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you'd have to say off a wing, given we just lost our 2 best wingers in B Hill and Langdon this week.

probably there are no ready made wingers in the draft, so we need some experience and a mature body in there.
Yeah, reckon that would be good for him, think that’s where he’s best used, although he did pretty well down back prior to the injury spells this year.
He’s also harder at it than given credit for, has come on a fair bit in that regard, the ‘soft’ knock shouldn’t be leveled at him (imo).
Hope he goes well for you :thumbsu:

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Nov 30, 2006
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Is there any other teams?
We just traded out Langdon and Brad Hill, so you'd have to think he'd line up on a wing.
He’s probably played his best AFL footy on a wing. But not many opportunities for him their at Pies so we played him mostly as a small back. Was solid there without being fantastic. Could go ok on the wide expanses of the wing at Optus.

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Sep 14, 2005
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Acres has apparently been told he'd be playing mostly on a wing. So 2 wings out, 2 wings in I guess. We probably won't know for sure until we see a few preseason games.
I don’t know if I’m thinking of the same player, but I thought it was Blakely who would take the next step from defence into the midfield. Would be better to reward one of your own.


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May 21, 2017
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Pies won this trade comfortably. Freo will still be bottom 4 in 2020, a 2nd and 4th round picks for him and a future 3rd js a tidy piece of business.
I think Freo will be higher up the ladder than Carlton. Carlton always get hype up, but North and Fremantle will still be ahead of them

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