List Mgmt. James Hird Academy (Father/Son and Next Generation) - Davey twins end of 2022!

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Brownlow Medallist
Nov 4, 2010
Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs
AFL Club
2021 James Hird Academy members:
Breyben Tipiloura182021NGAAcceleration Group (16-19)
Joshua Misiti182021Joe MisitiAcceleration Group (16-19)
Nyawi Moore182021Nathan Lovett-MurrayAcceleration Group (16-19)
Alex Hird182021James HirdAcceleration Group (16-19)
Tex Wanganeen182021Gavin WanganeenAcceleration Group (16-19)
Jordan Bourke182021NGAAcceleration Group (16-19)
Carlos Egan172022NGAAcceleration Group (16-19)
Ayui Makieng172022NGAAcceleration Group (16-19)
Alwyn Davey Jr172022Alwyn DaveyAcceleration Group (16-19)
Jayden Davey172022Alwyn DaveyAcceleration Group (16-19)
Reuben Rode172022NGAAcceleration Group (16-19)
Matthew Foley172022NGAAcceleration Group (16-19)
Luca Alessio172022Steve AlessioAcceleration Group (16-19)
Will Hamilton162023Paul HamiltonAcceleration Group (16-19)
Luke Barnard162023Paul BarnardAcceleration Group (16-19)
Ryan Eyre162023NGAAcceleration Group (16-19)
Noah Caracella152024Blake CaracellaFlight Squad (11-15)
Isaac Kako152024NGAFlight Squad (11-15)
Alex Alessio152024Steve AlessioFlight Squad (11-15)
Alijah Davey142025Alywn DaveyFlight Squad (11-15)
Mara Lovett-Murray132026Nathan Lovett-MurrayFlight Squad (11-15)
Aidan Ramanauskas132026Adam RamanauskasFlight Squad (11-15)
Logan Daniher132026Chris DaniherFlight Squad (11-15)
Taj McPhee132026Adam McPheeFlight Squad (11-15)
Koby Bewick122027Darren BewickFlight Squad (11-15)
William Hird122027James HirdFlight Squad (11-15)
Max Alessio122027Steve AlessioFlight Squad (11-15)
Thomas Caracella122027Blake CaracellaFlight Squad (11-15)
Taitum Dempsey112028Courtenay DempseyFlight Squad (11-15)
Cove McPhee112028Adam McPheeFlight Squad (11-15)
Lucas Ramanauskas112028Adam RamanauskasFlight Squad (11-15)
Rylan Johnson102029Mark JohnsonBaby Bombers (0-10)
Noah Peverill102029Damien PeverillBaby Bombers (0-10)
Jacob Lloyd92030Matthew LloydBaby Bombers (0-10)
Lenny Solomon92030Dean SolomonBaby Bombers (0-10)
Cruz Davey82031Alwyn DaveyBaby Bombers (0-10)
Connor Stanton82031Brent StantonBaby Bombers (0-10)
Harlan Ryder82031Patrick RyderBaby Bombers (0-10)
Edward Mercuri72032Mark MercuriBaby Bombers (0-10)
Bohdi McPhee72032Adam McPheeBaby Bombers (0-10)
Aidan Stanton62033Brent StantonBaby Bombers (0-10)
Henri Mercuri52034Mark MercuriBaby Bombers (0-10)
Mekhi Dempsey52034Courtenay DempseyBaby Bombers (0-10)
William Howlett52034Ben HowlettBaby Bombers (0-10)
Joshua Ramanauskas42035Adam RamanauskasBaby Bombers (0-10)
Roman Hocking12038Heath HockingBaby Bombers (0-10)
Wolf Watson12038Jobe WatsonBaby Bombers (0-10)
Jaeda Lloyd152024Matthew Lloyd
Georgia Caracella142025Blake Caracella
Chenae Dempsey132026Courtenay Dempsey
Kira Lloyd122027Matthew Lloyd
Ivy Daniher102029Chris Daniher
Gemma Bewick92030Darren Bewick
Charli Johnson82031Mark Johnson
Scarlett Peverill82031Damien Peverill
Matilda Solomon72032Dean Solomon
Harmony Lovett-Murray72032Nathan Lovett-Murray
Georgia Barnard62033Paul Barnard
Mia Peverill62033Damien Peverill
Charlize Davey62033Alwyn Davey
Juniper Watson32036Jobe Watson
Sophie Howlett32036Ben Howlett
Plum Wanganeen12038Gavin Wanganeen
Layla Davey12038Alwyn Davey
Quinn Dempsey12038Courtenay Dempsey
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Formerly "Dos23"
Jul 11, 2005
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Melbourne Storm
I think that was Sheedy trying to turn him in to a CHF. He became quite public about his dissatisfaction with Jobe's physical condition hewhile he was coach.

Dodoro did a podcast during the shut down of the season last year in which he discussed Jobe's recruitment. He said Jobe was a prolific inside mid. There were question marks about his speed and fitness so Dodoro brought Sheedy to watch a game in which Jobe got something like 30 in the first half and Sheedy basically said 'that's answers your question, doesn't it?" and I don't think he watched the second half...or so the legend goes.
Jobe played CHF for most of his school football. It wasn't until Year 12 that they threw him into the middle

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Sep 29, 2016
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Bayern Munich
Very likely top 40 unless he gets a year ending injury, very exciting medium forward with plenty of class and goal sense
Damn, we probably miss out on him then I imagine as the rule shifts to not being able to match NGA bids in the top 40 next year and we won't have the picks to take him with needing to match Davey twins bids

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Moderator ❀
Dec 14, 2015
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2 years unregistered to be eligible as a Category B rookie.

I think Tom was trying to talk his brother into coming to Essendon though? So spake boncer after player sponsor night;

Hird - Ripping young bloke, tried to not ask about his old man because every time I walked past it seemed like someone was reminiscing about something miraculous his Dad did on the field. His mum would rather he's still playing soccer because she doesn't want to see him getting hurt. Played footy as his main sport till 14, tried the soccer thing in Europe and didn't like it just wanted to come back to AFL. Said soccer feels like there's more room for individual brilliance so blokes were competing against each other rather than playing with each other, where as AFL its very much a team focused game. Believes the younger 2 brothers will both end up playing football, Alex is having a similar soccer/AFL thought process he went through and he's trying to push him to just jumping on the AFL rather than taking a soccer detour. Reckons Alex has potential to be a gun so he's hoping he joins him at Essendon.


Premiership Player
Sep 27, 2005
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2 years unregistered to be eligible as a Category B rookie.

I think Tom was trying to talk his brother into coming to Essendon though? So spake boncer after player sponsor night;
Potentially the Cat B list being reduced to 2 stuffed him.

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