James Hird - is it time to give him a second chance at coaching an AFL club? Gil says yes!

Should James Hird be given a second chance at coaching an AFL club?

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All Australian
Oct 6, 2018
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Ohh? Just coz Sheeds says so right?!?
My issue with this is that James Hird allowed himself to get roped into that Bomber coaching job and had all the apparent support that a budding coach should need in a proven flag wining coach (Thompson) and also one of his assistants(McCartney) that he poached from the club(GFC) where he made it all happen. Now the supplements saga may or may not have been totally his fault but he was the figurehead of the club at the time and he defended his position and didn't throw his club hierarchy(Evans) under the bus and stood by them and defended the club all the way! James Hird at the very least, turned a blind eye to player welfare violations that could have serious health implications to his playing group, so this is why I say duck James Hird, he had his chance and doesn't deserve another!
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Jul 15, 2014
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This might be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t see what the issue is if he becomes one of the coaches of a club if they believe that he has the tactical nous to be of value to them. I don’t know about head coach, but it isn’t a huge deal if he becomes an assistant coach.

I am sure that he will not suggest any supplements regime not permitted by ASADA or stand by such a regime, so why not? The past is the past and it would be great to see the footy world move on from the supplements saga.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 30, 2004
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Sheeds' 3 monthly thought bubble.

Maybe as an assistant. I don't think he would be any good as head coach. He was only Essendon's coach for the membership boost.

Isaac Cumming No 1

Mar 28, 2018
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I cant get around the paywall.

Sheedy has form with things like this, but there's usually a purpose that's not so obvious. I Just cant see the nuances of what he said.

In 2016 as we went into our first finals campaign he was pilloried for suggesting Israel Folau should be re-contracted. I'm sure he was throwing a diversion as the press started to focus on negative things about us like the emerging Whitfield scandal, and it start up concessions.

As for Hird I cant imagine any club being willing to give him a line coaching job, he's a Bombers man and a Bombers problem. Wise heads like Lindsay Tanner have suggested he brought back into the fold at some point though. Pointedly he didn't suggest a coaching role.

The saga obviously deeply affected him and I think he's entitled to closure at sone point. What ever else he's done he'll always be a Bombers great as a player.