Contracted Jamie Elliott [re-signed with Collingwood for two more years]


Nov 12, 2017
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And you are talking about Pleb's

Typical pies supporter fact remains too injury prone and only played 89 games and will be 27 this year
Being injury prone does not mean you cant be elite it means your not durable, also elliot's missed seasons were from separate injuries not reoccurring ones so I wouldn't even say that hes injury prone just unlucky, I think we have to reserve judgement till after this year I feel like it's his last chance but I'm confident he will bounce back just like he did in 2017, but without a doubt hes a top 10 small forward in the league, I'd say being top 10 for your position makes you elite


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Feb 23, 2009
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Hes a gun when hes fit and firing, but since September 2015 has only played 17 AFL games. That's very little senior footy in over 3 years.

You've got to wonder if that will affect his ability to reach his previous standards and even if he does play 15+ games this year, youd still have to proceed with caution. Unfortunately some players just repeatedly get injured and then it's a snowball affect where they can never get right. Elliot shows signs of being one of those player, his seasons games tallies are 15, 20, 17, 20, 0, 17, 0. No ones getting 22 games a year from him, that has to affect value.


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Oct 17, 2009
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Two goals a game as a small forward is very much in the conversation as elite
Very few small forwards manage to get two goals or more per game. For Elliot to have his present numbers shows how effective he has been. His biggest strength is that he isn't a one trick pony.
However, the sort of injuries Elliot has had makes me wonder if he will ever get all of his tricks back. Back injuries have poor prognoses. If he can come back to his top form, then more power to him. He will make Collingwood even harder to beat. However, as someone who has had bad back problems, I can't see it happening.

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Mar 26, 2014
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He’s looked really good at training so far and in the scratch match vs Melbourne. His prior injuries don’t seem to be restricting him much, if at all. If he stays on the park you’d back him to kick 30+ comfortably.


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Mar 17, 2005
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If he hadn’t had injury worries there is no way he would be unsigned.

If it gets to round 18 and he is fit and playing well there will be a couple of clubs come with big enough offers to make Collingwood uncomfortable.

If it’s round 18 and he has missed quite a few he will be headed towards Menzel territory. Talented but how much is talent that can’t get on the park worth, in both money and list positions.

the Ziebull

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Nov 14, 2010
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Body holding up

Still early days but if he plays every game he will have a nice pay rise and clubs will trust his ability to stay healthy

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