Racing January Daily Thread: Do you believe in Magic.... Millions

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Australia's Favourite Bookie
Oct 12, 2020
AFL Club
I’m sure we can work out some arrangements that may benefit both of us here..** cough** deposit bonus
Just to be clear, the services you will provide are betting tips and not doggy-style haha?

But like I said, I'm just a disgruntled former employee so I don't have that kind of power unfortunately.

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Premiership Player
Jun 4, 2007
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Is there really no one under 80 who could replace Colin Hodges as the caller in Western NSW.

Calls 'Camp Rifle' ... 'Camp David' literally 20 times during that race.
Surpised he even called it half the time he forgets half the horses in the race
Chuck on a wide quaddie mate

Could put yourself into early retirement with some of the results that pop up at that shithole
I put one on pretty wide one took pike one out and some how survived the whole 4 legs.

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Not open for further replies.

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