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Jul 18, 2018
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Yeah what a wonderful place, these posts bring back memories. Been a few times now but a couple of those have been around work so nothing like a month there! Of course that naturally has the benefit of a network to show you the ropes so can't complain at all.

Teamworks is another great experience I would recommend, book tickets in advance though. Looks super busy lining up (presuming it's as busy as it was earlier in the year when it opened), but nice once in can enjoy without feeling overwhelmed.


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Jul 16, 2013
Rapid City, South Dakota
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Just got back last week from a month there
Feet are killing me I have never walked so much in my life.
Ive got dodgy Achilles and all the stairs in train stations and lots of flat hard paths from one platform to another
Wife ended up with blisters
We caught a bullet train for a few hours every couple of days just to not have to walk.

Great place loved the people, the food,the culture, the landscape,the precision,the professionalism ,the zen.

21 day JR pass was well used
IC card was well used
I got a Wifi and that was well used.
Citibank debit card for cash from Lawsons was well used

Everything seemed cheaper than Australia, food, drinks ,accommodation, local trains and buses.
So many of the girls in Tokyo were stunning
The people are the nicest people you would ever meet
No one rips you off everyone goes out of their way to help

A bottle of Calvados from Bic Camera was cheaper than Duty Free (if you can find it) (about $30)
The food and French wine in Lawsons Family Circle or the supermarket was very good
Bottles of Bourdeaux or Tempanillo for about $13
The French pastrys and Italian food was also excellent
I will return
Hah, a fellow Nihon-koku fan.

Lived there for just under 6 years. Enjoyed every minute of it and would have been happy to have retired there.

Enjoy your next visit.
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