Player Watch Jay Rantall

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Sep 19, 2011
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Hard runner. Might end up on the other wing to Phillips.
Was some talk of trading Phillips this year because of salary cap. This might be his replacement, this description is spot on to Phillips

“He is still quite raw and makes mistakes, particularly when it comes to his kicking consistency”
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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 4, 2016
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“He’s certainly an endurance beast and he loves the hard work,” Rebels talent manager Paul Partington said.

“He’s got very good vision and very good game sense so a lot of basketball traits come into his game, but he’s got some grunt about him as well.”

Trading the basketball for the Sherrin has seen the midfielder thrive, taking out the Rebels best and fairest award and representing Vic Metro in the National Championships in just his first year of full time footy.

“He’s had an outstanding year for someone who hasn’t played much footy over the last five years,” Partington explained.

“The players he’s competing against; they’ve probably been playing full time footy for six or seven months before he’s even started footy, so I think there’s great scope for him to improve.

“Jay knows himself his kicking needs work and he hasn’t had the work in his kicking like other players,” Partington said.

Considering his exceptional development and his drive to succeed, you would expect him to improve that and more at the top level.

“He’s got a bit to work on, there’s no guarantee he’ll get drafted but we’re quietly confident that he’ll be on an AFL list at some stage.”

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