Training Jen's training updates

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Aug 21, 2018
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Gold Coast Suns

Training start time 4:30pm - 7

Week 2

Date: Friday 13 September
Time: 4.00pm - 7.00pm
Training: 4.30pm*
Location: Holden Centre Oval

What’s on:

  • AFL training session
  • Giveaways
  • Free face painting
  • Meet the Magpie Mascot
  • Food trucks

Limited parking is available over the river on Alexandra Avenue. There is also parking available in the Eastern Car Park Plaza next to Melbourne Arena (Entrance D). We recommend you pre-book your parking here.

Public Transport
Trains, trams and buses all stop within walking distance to the Holden Centre.

Please note: Players will not be available to sign autographs post-training.
Aug 10, 2015
AFL Club
Doing another evening training run. I guess the assumption is we'll get the Friday night PF and the Tigas will get the Saturday arvo game.
Richmond will play Handbags/ Weagles on Friday night and confirmed.

We will play either Lions or Giants on Saturday no time confirmed. (Issue is AFL prefers getting teams back home on the Saturday and GWS being Sydney have an airport curfew.)


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Sep 9, 2013
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I arrived about 9:45. Whenever they say 9:30, I know they really mean they won't appear on the ground til 10. I'm not stupid lol They just want people to arrive early. By the time I arrived the crowd was way past the cafe. I ended up deciding to go on the AAMI Park side of the ground for a while.

There was lots of cheer was Pendles was the first one to come out. Some other cheers for stevo since the kids hadn't seen him since he last played. The warm up began, but not too long after I decided to find Apples and bumped into a journo friend around near the cafe. And then Apples came and joined us not long after.

The things I observed was:
- Stevo was full of energy and trained to perfection.
- Jordy the same. You can sense he is about to burst. He does love these big games.
- Moore trained as good as I've seen him. There was a bit of jokes that ever since he cut his hair he was harder to spot, so when in doubt look for his #30 number.
- Aish trained very well. Thomas, is set to play.
- I imagine Reid would be putting his hand up. Has had quite a few weeks of good training, but given his body and the time he has been out; probably unlikely. But would throw a curveball, also it may be one change too many.

Unfortunately I think Varcoe will be left in the cold.

The group did split into two sets as they began match play. I tried to play detective to see who might play and who may not, but I don't think there was anything into the whole different colours thing. Will just drive you insane if you try to guess by that.

It was nice to see that Will Kelly is alive still, first time out on the track in months. I forgot what he looked like lol jk He didn't do much just some light running, but you've got to start somewhere. Hopefully he has a good pre-season, as he didn't really have one as he was coming back from a foot injury.
re bolded - if only you passed your sense onto the medical staff and had prevented his injury! Can you sense when other players are about to be injured too?

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