Rumour Jeremy Finlayson under investigation - 3 game suspension

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Oct 3, 2010
Mornington Peninsula
AFL Club
Jeremy Finlayson is being investigated by the AFL after a homophobic slur towards an Essendon player was captured on an umpire mic......Oh boy.


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Thought it was strange Essendon players got into him and mainly him a few times early. Once the contest died off they stopped a bit but I suspect it happened early on and that was the reaction.

Finlayson already ahead of others who have been in a similar boat previously by not denying it, not trying to keep it “on the field”, and by already apologising. I think that’s a more genuine remorse than the ones who wheel out PR apologies after a denial.

The footy media train will roll on into him and the likes of Jono Brown, Nathan Brown & Luke Darcy will all have their say

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Don't think there was cover as he admitted it and apologised for it. He did something he instantly regretted. Call it a brain fade.

It should be the end of the issue but now the media will drag it on for the rest of the weekend.

And if Essendon can't handle any retaliations not matter how bad then maybe being so edgy isn't for them.
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