Jesse Hogan 2019 Highlights

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 8, 2012
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This could be the trade of 2020/21!

Im optimistic. Hitting rock bottom can have a big impact on a person. Don't know much about his character but im really positive about his talent.
I’m becoming more optimistic as the time goes on.

At Freo he just never was on the park long enough to gel with the boys. And the. When he was Freo had a frustrating game style of just bombing it high. That does not suit Jesse’s game style. Although I know the giants are known to sometimes do this too

The other forwards also got in his way all the time

The best way to compare this is to look at Cam McCarthy. Remember at GWS the mids would hit him on the lead and he was so quick and getting into those positions. However he went to Freo and was no where near as effective with the way they would send the ball in

If Jesse stays on the park and the miss are told to lower their eyes at all costs when kicking to him, then we could be in for a massive surprise

However it’s still a big “if”

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