Game Day JLT1 - Richmond v Melbourne - Sunday March 3rd, 4.40pm AEDT


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Sep 9, 2015
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I really liked Petty's marking, he seemed really confident and his kicking was pretty tidy. Jordon showed some good signs. Keilty showed a bit of spring in the ruck.

I was pretty disappointed in Preuss, his timing was way off and rarely even got a hand to it in the ruck. Would of liked to have seen more from Hunt. Frosts kicking was horrible.
Yeah agree re Jordon. Obviously will be a project player but I am confident if our depth was extremely challenged he would be good enough to step up and play a role. Managed to find space and used the ball well with safe kicks.

Thought Corey Wagner did some nice things too. Especially his kick into the corridor that ended in a goal to Weid over the top. I loved watching him at Casey with his instinctive kicking and I think given then chance to catch up to the speed of senior AFL footy he can be a real played for us when required.

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