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What’s the short version of this change?
They've changed the rule that meant if you got a 50m penalty you have to wait until the umpire had reset the mark until you can play on. Often the team getting the 50 would be held up and see their options disappear. So now, they can play on at any stage while getting the 50, which is good for keeping the speed of the game up, but it's created some pretty abysmal looking 100m penalties because as a result, the player can't be impeded in any way, and there needs to be a 10m protected area around the player for the whole time the 50 is being implemented, because he needs to be able to play on at any time, so basically, as soon as the offending player is behind the guy with the ball, he's now inside the protected area and needs to get out.

It'll be interesting to see what the AFL do with it, if they change it before the season starts, or if they just put it on the players to be aware of it ... it'll likely be the latter, so just wait for the uproar when a result of a match is decided by a terrible 100m penalty.

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