Joel Campbell is officially a Demon


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Sep 6, 2003
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Out of all todays recruits, the player I am most excited about is Joel Campbell.

He was dominant in the National Championships for Northern Territory and was predicted to go in most phantom drafts. He has drawn comparisons to Darryl White and he is also related to Darryl White and Richard Cole.
Heres what the Draft liftout from Inside Footy said about Campbell.

JOEL CAMPBELL - Pioneers, Alice Springs
DOB: 21/12/85. Ht: 187cm. Wt: 73kg.

"Joel's related to Darryl White and Richard Cole and plays for the same club as those two players did. Very quick and very strong and hard at the ball. I would think he would end up playing as a defender and is skillful on his preferred right side but needs to work on his left side ball use." - Game development manager AFL-NT Peter Atkinson.
NT U/18 representative this year.

Joel Campbelll, write that name down!!!!;)


Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 28, 2003
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Joel is Darryl White's half brother and a very good footabller IMHO.
Very different type. He is very quick and can mark.
He should be a good prospect for hbf/wing and h/f
You got a good one.

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