Coach John Blakey - returns to NMFC as senior assistant coach

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Mar 11, 2006
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North Melbourne
You're braver than me. I was at the game until the bitter end but have never watched a replay, until this day I just cannot bring myself to watch it.
Add me as another who sat through the game at the G and have never watched it since.

Went to the Sunday session at Arden St the next day and was mildly comforted by the fact that the players looked as angry about it as I felt.

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Jul 24, 2015
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North Melbourne
Lets face it a good crowd at a league game is 10k, and as for Rugby, hell I bought tickets on the day for the Super rugby GRANDFINAL when the Waratahs beat the crusaders. Last couple of Reds games I've been to would be bigger crowds at a local game. Union is all but dead in this country due to mismanagement. Sydney just isn't mad on sport the way Melbourne is. The swans base at the SCG/eastern suburbs affords them a good following, along with south melbourne. As for GWS, well no one wants to go out there to watch afl, and its really the soccer that gets bums on seats. AFL don't need to compete with other codes, its the best product by far, but they do need to accept that some places people just down pay to go and watch sport live.
There is bit of truth in that. Sydney isn't really a supporters town. And League is really a tv sport not a live one (unless you go watch a weekend indigenous league carnival. They are full on, some of the most intense footy you'll see.) But we aren't talking about reality, we're talking about the afl and how it approaches things. And it's right to a point. If Sydney and GWS arent winning no one is gonna care enough to acknowledge their existence. Sydney is a town full of bandwagoneers too.


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Jun 1, 2012
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North Melbourne
The one positive hint I got from this is that there's possibly more trades coming IN the door.

The negative is that his love for Sydney is going to influence what we do at the draft table. He's too emotionally attached to them to strategically knock them out with a bid on Campbell. When it comes to North or Sydney, he will do what's right for Sydney. It's no wonder they let him leave with their best blessings. It's magnificent timing for them.
Mate lay off the cones. You are entering tin foil hat territory big time.

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Rod Stroker

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Oct 9, 2003
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Carey kicked 10 against Essendon in the 99 fixture.....every chance they would have shat themselves in a GF going against him.
Their own full forward didn't exactly have a shocker that day.

If we'd played them in the GF, and lost as most expected, I would not have been able to handle 2 successive GF losses in a row.

So You Think

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Feb 28, 2011
Hotel Kensington
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North Melbourne
GR interesting what Blakey said about being a North man and that winning premierships and achieving success solidifies that.

Got me thinking back to 2016 when we discussed Nick Blakey going to the Swans or North. Johns plan was always to return to Melbourne but to not coach his son. He gets that now and his kids gets a free shot at a career. That saying on exposed form Id rather take John as a coach over Nick the player.
Depends on type of engineering! UQ is highly regarded in everything and particularly mining and chemical engineering. But thats a long commute for a kid, so may as well be in Melbourne, he chose Melbourne Uni because he wanted to play for NMFC, don't let some bullsh1t uni ranking statistics get in the way of a good story. For full disclosure, I did my undergrad at Melb Uni, my brother lectures there, and I live across the river from UQ.
Wow, congratulations. :thumbsu::thumbsu:


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Jul 19, 2020
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North Melbourne
I'm a bit confused by this conversation.
I love it how after Corey had his shoulder smashed in the 97 prelim we came back and killed it the next year in 99.
Bombers clearly best team in 99 on results.

Whether we would have won the GF who knows, Blues dis us a massive favour, but it's simply wrong to say "we killed it in 99" as we didn't.


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Sep 23, 2005
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Aug 1, 2017
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Still hate going back to that day. In my time following the club I've seen 3 GFs and plenty of great sides, but 1998 was arguably the best and most balanced side we've had. The only thing that makes it in any way bearable, is the fact we didn't really deserve it in 1999, so we got something back from the footy Gods...
Didn’t deserve 99

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