Toast John Nicholls Medal 2020 - Congrats Jacob Weitering!

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Salt Lake Cities

Premiership Player
Oct 15, 2007
AFL Club
Other Teams
Liverpool, OKC Thunder
Loved his acknowledgement of Jonesy. Gets a bad wrap on here at times but so important to our defence.
Loved that myself. Don’t want to overstate it but your 2 key defenders being close in a friendship sense, well that can only be of benefit


All Australian
Nov 3, 2020
AFL Club
Other Teams
Melbourne United
Newman wins best clubman with only two games played.

Must be a great bloke behind the scenes to keep everyone elses spirits high in the hubs.
There was some vision from early last year of him being a backline coach for the reserves and their scratch matches. Clearly plays an important role for the club, and I think he's massively underrated with a lot supporters.

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 18, 2006
AFL Club
Congrats to weitering. Just an outstanding player who gets the job done and isn't even a finished product yet. Going to go from strength to strength.

I was about 2 years ago against taylow Walker at the G when I noticed how good he was. I was watching him and the work he does before the ball gets kicked towards them. He is just the ultimate defender and by that stage had the strength to take and beat what a bloke like Walker could give.

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