Confirmed Jonathon Patton [traded to Hawthorn for Future 4th]


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Yep. Hawthorn and Carlton were all in on Shiel. We were both beaten by the Essendon WhiteShoe Brigade of property developers .

I'll resist the temptation to say both clubs got a lucky break til i see how Dylan goes next year once he's settled in a bit and not trying too hard like he was this year.
Shiel was pretty much the same player this year as he was previously at GWS. People (Victorian fans) just got to see it (and his flaws) more often.


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May 21, 2017
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It's ok mate relax, I'm comfortable that Patton is not cooked. You have Finlayson who has plenty of upside (only way is up since last performance).

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Mar 17, 2011
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Not at all. He was terrible for the most part.
given the changes to the rules, having a winger who can play nearly 100% of a game without a rest is a big win.

I agree he was middling but for what we paid, plus the fact players we trade in rarely have great first seasons for various reasons, he did ok.

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