Review Josh Smith (2019)

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Death by Snu Snu
Oct 27, 2006
Behind enemy Lines
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Sth Freo, Liverpool, Chicago Bulls

Weight 80kg
DOB 2-1-1994
Debut Round 5 Vs Essendon 2016 (Collingwood); Round 2 Vs GWS (West Coast)
Games 2
Goals 1

Player honours: -
Draft History: 2010 Queensland Zone Selection (Gold Coast); Traded with picks 25 and 46 for picks 13, 46 and 55 (St Kilda)

Previous clubs
Collingwood 32 Games 6 Goals
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I pity the fool
Nov 15, 2013
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Drafted out of the phone book with big numbers

Apparently carved WA side up in the u18's in that allies famous victory in Blacktown . Thats probably why he got a look in here .

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Miguel Sanchez

Say hello!
Aug 10, 2006
Shandong Gold Stadium
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Royal Pines Eagles
Smith travelling with the team to Brisbane, likely as the emergency but he's a sneaky chance of a call-up to make his debut.

If he does take the field he'll be the 245th West Coast Eagle (debuting alongside Hickey who'll be the 244th). He'll also be:
- the fourth Josh (after Kennedy, Hill and Wooden)
- the ninth player to appear in the #45 (after Waterman, Davis, McNamara, Priddis, Edwards, Lynch, Bellotti and Lockyer)
- the sixth former Magpie to appear for West Coast (after Wellingham, Adkins, Tuckey, Miles and Annear)
- the second-ever Queenslander to appear for West Coast, Hickey being the first.

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