Workshop Jumper Ideas for 2022

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Nickimus Rex

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Mar 30, 2014
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Brisbane Lions
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Decided to slap a concept together on my iPad for the Lions 2022.

Edited for easier consumption

Slight change to the home kits, also looking to use the Fitzroy colours as home vs old rivals and reintroduce the bears heritage gear as Q-clash specifics

Main home kit changes;
- Added gold striping
- added texture to yoke
- piping around collar and cuffs
- collar changed to overlap (similar to Castore concept)
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As long as Giants win
Aug 7, 2021
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Didn't know where else to ask this but, Anyone have a good version of the original Port Power spikes. I have tried making my own, and taking them from other designs but they never come out right. So I was just wondering if anyone had them(just the spikes not the full jersey)


The Swooping Magpie
Oct 27, 2016
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Collingwood 2022 Home Jumper

Reverted back to the mainly white jumper, would definitely prefer over current home
View attachment 1247375View attachment 1247376
View attachment 1247378View attachment 1247381
View attachment 1247384
Looks great! Personally I'd love to see it back but only if it's once or twice a year as sort of a semi-throwback. I love the kit, but I feel like the dark kit is a lot stronger as our home and, as weird as this sounds, it has so much history now that it almost doesn't feel right to just ditch it the same way we ditched the traditional kit.

Would be a good kit to wear versus Carlton, Adelaide and Swans too perhaps.

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