Discussion Jumpers That Never Were

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The Line Has Been Crossed. 13 Times
Aug 4, 2012
Nunya. Nunya Business
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Smooth Criminal

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Sep 18, 2016
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Kids size, but seems to be a prototype without Toyota or AFL logo, and the yellow cuffs?

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I saw a 2004 heritage guernsey kinda like this at the game yesterday, only sponsors were the Russell Athletic text on the front and Toyota on the back.
Interestingly I think that guernsey I saw had the colours of each SANFL club to the right side of the 'traditional' AFC logo in the centre of the guernsey (the final 2004 heritage guernsey did not feature the SANFL club colouring). This idea only made it to the 2006/2007 heritage, with colouring to the left side to the AFC logo. I should've taken a picture.

Reckon these guernseys were half-baked prototypes for 2004, they have the 2003 replica collar but the 2004 Russell Athletic logo (sans the big R) on the front

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