News Justin Crow set to depart Dons

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Jul 5, 2014
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Yeah, I dunno. We seem to have a lot of injuries but so do other clubs like Collingwood and GWS... their injury lists are a mile long.

I don’t know how much prevention helps beyond the basics.
Last year was bad as well if I remember correctly. Top up year not sure. Lots of soft tissue injuries under the weapon. Been a while since we have had a good run at it, which is unfortunate when our list is as strong as it has been for ages.

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Kyle Langfourd
Sep 21, 2012
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Perhaps just a genuinely likeable fella in over his head. Not too sure anything was ever really his fault but it certainly seems as if we could have done better.

First recollection of Crow is him Usain Bolting out of defence for the Bendigo Bombers when we were short on players. Handy footballer.

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Feb 4, 2008
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Impossible to say whether it's simply bad luck on our behalf with injuries and rehab or if crow played a part. Look at Collingwood over the past couple of years with their injury list and they would probably have the most money in regards to fitness, rehab and injury management.

Best of luck to crow regardless.

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