Coach Justin Longmuir - Head Coach

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Premiership Player
Sep 18, 2015
The Hippodrome
AFL Club
JLo would have to be front runner. I remember reading about Burns putting in a huge play to be head coach next year. Suma I think his time has passed.

Brad Scott has lost all coaching credentials with Shaw turning the sinking ship at North around. Rats has the job at Saints more than likely and Caracella looks to be heading Essendon next year

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Team Captain
Dec 2, 2017
AFL Club
Not sure of the reasoning behind this but since 2000, only 3 experienced coaches have won the flag (sheedy 2000, Matthews 2001-03 & Malthouse 2010), all other premiership coaches have been as their first club as senior coach.

Perhaps fresh ideas, new strategy or better player relationships?

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Matthew Pavlich Medallist
May 26, 2003
South Freo
AFL Club
Other Teams
SFFC, Aussie Women's Cricket, HNK
Please, please, please Caracella or JLo. Just keep Brad Scott as far away from our club as possible.

I reckon Essendon will be hard pressed to sack Worsfold now that they've made finals, and even more if they win one.

Sumich, no thanks. Too old now, and left Freo with bad blood (or so the story goes).

Any of Clarko's assistants looking for work? His boys are by far the most successful at moving from assistants to senior coaches.

So, Caracella, JLo, or a Clarke asst for mine.

Just not fricken Brad Scott, Sumich or Woosha. Despite being nice local South Freo lads, they can GAGF.

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