Coach Justin Longmuir - Head Coach

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wild side

Premiership Player
Mar 29, 2010
AFL Club
He's been here recently flogging a mouthguard that has GPS and concussion IP, he's been helping raise money for it.
There's a few Bombers here these days, O'Donnell

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Freo Shark

Invasion of the Purple Haze
Oct 18, 2003
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Sharks, Miami Heat, Wildcats, 49ers
Peter Bell was in Adelaide last week and people were assuming he was talking to Jarrad Schofield. Then all of a sudden Don Pyke pulls the pin. Thoughts on Don Pyke as your next coach?
Senior Assistant perhaps not Director of Coaching I would have thought.

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 10, 2005
AFL Club
Maybe my morals arent what they should be but I would take Hird in an assistant role and be ******* excited about it.

We dont know the full story behind the whole drugs saga and never will. I like to give people 2nd chances and I think Hird got everything he deserved and more and should get a second chance at it, albeit never in a senior coaching role.

He was a terrific role model on the field and I'm 99% sure he would avoid anything close to what Essendon were doing like the plague after what he went through.

Would be stoked to bring him in as an assistant
You've actually spun what is terrible about Hird into a positive somehow.

The drugs scandal actually wasn't that bad. Hird's role in it was obviously well documented. But in professional it is improbable these guys aren't doping. Unless you believe Fyfe put on 15kg of pure muscle in one off season having two protein shakes a day (lol).

The problem with hird was that

1) never took responsibility
2) handled the whole scandal terribly
3) clearly has some kind of narcissistic personality disorder which led to him trying to top himself when it was clear he would never coach again.

why would want someone like him anywhere near our group is beyond me.

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