Women's Footy Kade Simpson appointed AFLW/VFL Assistant Coach

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Brownlow Medallist
May 22, 2011
The Naughty Corner
AFL Club
Simmo: Ladies, here is my secret for success: pilates for strength & conditioning, horlicks for pre-bed relaxation and knitting for mental clarity....
Oh....and moving past early setbacks, playing with courage & pride, never giving up, backing into packs and not being defined by your body size/shape....they all help too...

And ah, have I told you about this thing where you feign movement to your right and then swing round to your left? No? It's still early, we'll get to that...
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All Australian
Oct 21, 2015
Where ever needed to save the day
AFL Club
Great news for Kade & the club, I am a little concerned about how many players are going to end up in pieces when he tells them “just keep your eye on the ball, go back with the flight, throw your hands up & take the mark, it will be ok - I did it for yrs & it only hurts for a minute or two after” 😂

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