Keith Pitt the lobby group for coal within government.

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Sep 4, 2004
AFL Club
The nonsense that reducing Aus coal exports will have any effect on emissions is demonstrated here:

American coal production this year will swell 15% to meet stronger demand for electricity at home and abroad, according to the U.S. Energy Department’s July outlook. That would be the most since at least 1990 and nearly double the 8% increase projected in May, when the economic rebound was still in earlier stages of recovery.

The shift underscores the vicious circle of climate change as more extreme temperatures drive power demand just as extensive drought cuts output from hydropower dams. That prompts utilities to burn more of the dirtiest fossil fuel, a pattern also exacerbated by high natural gas prices. At the same time, key exporters including Australia and Colombia face supply problems that have helped lift global prices to a 10-year high and added to international demand for U.S. coal exports.

Time the fake news around coal are recognised.
I can’t imagine a article sourced from won’t have a agenda to push


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Aug 14, 2011
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The problem we all face when reading comments on power generation is discerning where we are today, where we hope to be whenever (2025), & kpi's to measure progress:

'Federal resources minister Keith Pitt has labelled a prediction from Australia’s key energy market operator that a 100 per cent renewable grid will become an increasingly common occurrence as “absolute nonsense”.

Responding to the speech by new CEO Daniel Westerman, where he said the grid would need to be ready to operate on 100 per cent renewables as early as 2025, Pitt said the only way that supplies of renewable electricity could be firmed was through the use of fossil fuels.'


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