Toast Kern Mother ******* Hinkley

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Jan 21, 2013
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Port Adelaide
Kern, I love you

JUST IN: Ken Hinkley's signed a contract extension, til 2018, at Port Adelaide. Says his wife loves Adelaide and they just bought a house.
26/03/2015 1:35 pm

Huge signature for PAFC - Ken Hinkley re-signs as Senior Coach til end of 2018 @9NewsAdel
26/03/2015 1:35 pm

Family is something important to him, but beyond his wife Donna and three children, the Hinkleys have adopted 45 new sons, and an extended family of almost 60,000 members and thousands more supporters.

“I can’t imagine myself coaching another football club. I’ve only been here two seasons but it feels like I’ve been part of the Port Adelaide Football Club forever,” Hinkley told

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