Kick out rule clarification #2


Apr 6, 2019
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I know this is a bit pedantic but a rule is a rule (except the rule about uck contests which is a lottery).

At least once a round I see the following occur,
1. A behind is scored and the goal umpire signals a behind. The ball is now 'live' as the defending team can commence play.
2. Player A is in the goal square with the ball in hand, looks around and then throws the ball to Player B who is probably the team's designated kicker.

Why isn't Player A penalised for incorrect disposal (he throws the ball to another player)? He is standing in the goal square and the ball is 'live'. If he isn't the player who the coach wants to kick out from a behind, then don't pick the ball up and then walk into the square with it unless you are going to dispose of it correctly to restart the game.


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Apr 6, 2009
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I think you're being a little bit overly technical. This is no different to a free kick being paid around the ground. The player could either go back and take his kick or the team could play on. if a team mate picks up the ball and throws it to the player for him to take his kick, your example here would say the team mate should be penalised for throwing. Lets keep it simple.

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