Current Kickboxer 'The Punisher' & ex Mongols bikie Sam Abdulrahim shot at Fawkner funeral - Melbourne

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Dec 27, 2016
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Drove himself to the police station to wait for an ambulance.

Abdulrahim, 32, was shot at least three times in the lungs and kidneys and his Mercedes G-Class 4WD sprayed with bullets at Fawkner Cemetery

The shots were fired by occupants of a grey Mazda SUV that fled the scene before crashing into a fire hydrant at the Sydney and Box Forest roads intersection.
The occupants then carjacked a Ford Territory from a mother and her child before speeding off in the vehicle. Abdulrahim drove himself to the local police station before an ambulance arrived and took him to Royal Melbourne Hospital in a critical condition.


The jouneyman

Team Captain
Mar 11, 2018
AFL Club
When the shooting victim arrived at the hospital by ambulance...some of the Mongols bikies turned up as well and a brawl broke out inside the hospital,I believe.

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Bookie Assassin
Mar 27, 2018
AFL Club
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Cleveland Browns, Tony Ferguson
Amateur hit, didn’t kill him, crashed the getaway car, Left gun in car, police found dumped clothes apparently.
Judging by the CCTV of when they crashed, they must have panicked hard when he started driving after them. Looks like they didn't plan for that.

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