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Skills Kicking goals under pressure.

Discussion in 'Skills, Coaching, Admin, Umpires' started by Steinfreo, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Steinfreo

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    Aug 14
    My cousin is 15 and is really tearing up the opposition at the moment. Hes often clearly the strongest kid on the field, can kick close to 50m passes, on field leader, explosive with his clearancea, hes already over 6 foot. Hes doing really well and having a lot of fun. He has a terrible set shot, we watched him play this weekend and miss a couple and after the game he comes over gives me a hug and i tell him how awesome he was (he got a free burger for being best on ground from the team), I mentioned casually he needs to work on his set shot and he got a pretty concerned look on his face and just said yeah I never get those ones.

    Hes trained with the East Fremantle development squad (cant remember if thats what it's called) so hes getting some good coaching. Im no coach and havent played since highschool but is there any constructive advice any coaches on here know that may help him calm down and develop a routine inside 50? If its better I say nothing thats fine to. Cheers.

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  2. cptkirk

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    Oct 09
    st kilda east
    Calming down will come with confidence in his kicking

    Confidence will come from practice after practice and being able to pull off the skill unconsciously

    What the actual routine is doesn't really matter, it's what he's comfortable with

    If he can pinpoint how and why/why he misses (left or right) then you can address that specific problem within his technique (run up, ball drop, contact, follow through)
  3. brutus76

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    Jul 16
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    1 - Don't look at your opponent when running in
    2 - Pick something behind the goals to aim at (a particular person or sign or tree etc)
    3 - Make a mark on the ground in line with your run up and look at it ONLY when you walk in. Once you get to the spot there kick the ball.
    4 - Try using a cricket disc marker and having him kick and line up on that. This will better gauge if he kicks dead straight or with a hook or fade.
    5 - Make sure he holds the ball how he feels comfortable. The "traditional" grip isn't always best. Everyone holds it differently. Look at Lloydy, Fev etc.
    6 - Grip need to be firm enough to hold the ball but soft enough so his release is the same every time.
    7 - If he's holding the ball in front of his crotch as he walks in might need to move it across a little more to his kicking leg.
    8 - Accuracy first - distance kicking second. Find his range.
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  4. Zurgblade

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    West Coast
    Feb 18
    It amazes me at how many AFL players miss their set shots at goal.
  5. Aeglos

    Aeglos Club Legend

    Sep 16
    Croydon station
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    How many set shots does he take during the week?
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