Game Day Kingsley Hunter Cup - Renewable Dogs V Fossil-fuel Fremantlers 15/06/24 Marvel 1:45 pm

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Gallagher is having a shocker, needs a spell post bye.

Completely cost us momentum then
Gallagher has held his spot in the team despite quite a lot of stupid turnovers over the last few weeks and I think the match committee need to send a message about integrity in selection
Gallagher is frustrating me.

Reckon that Noel Gallagher would be offering more at the moment.
I realise that Gallagher is young but his howler to speccy play ratio is dire.

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Bailey Williams has had his up and down as this season but this is as good as a performance that any of our players have played on a wing all season. Good for him, but brillaint for minimising the weaknesses of our team structure/position
It's actually more obvious that Bont carries this team on his shoulders when he is on the interchange bench.
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