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    ESPN articles:

    Phantom Drafts:

    22/10/2021: AFL 2 round phantom draft:

    1. North Melbourne - Jason Horne-Francis
    2. Collingwood - Nick Daicos (Collingwood father-son) - bid matched
    3. Western Bulldogs - Sam Darcy (Western Bulldogs father-son) - bid matched


    23/11/2021: My 2021 AFL phantom draft. Every pick. Every bid:

    1. North Melbourne - Jason Horne-Francis
    Height, Weight:
    185cm, 81kg
    Profile: What separates Horne-Francis from the rest of the pool is his application and influence defensively, with his aggression, pressure, tackling, second and third efforts and run back in support elite even by AFL standards. He also plays a high impact per possession game, wins the ball at full speed through the midfield and causes headaches up forward aerially, when the ball hits the deck and when isolated one-on-one.

    2. Western Bulldogs - Sam Darcy (Western Bulldogs father-son) - bid matched
    Height, Weight:
    205cm, 93kg
    Profile: In a draft lacking in the way of premier talls, Darcy is the standard of excellence with his long arms and reach, one grab contested marking, attack on the ball aerially, one-touch ground level skills and his speed and agility for someone his height. Given his rapid rate of improvement and mix of rare attributes, he is one of this draft's highest upside choices for the long term.


    AFL Trade/Free Agency Content:
    1/10/2021: Free agency, trades, draft: Every AFL club's list needs ahead of 2022 and who they should targeting:

    Geelong's point of difference through the draft for a long time now has been their mature age talent ID - headlined by the selections of Tim Kelly and Tom Stewart in recent times. Geelong no doubt has paid attention to the state leagues again this year, and Leek Alleer in the SANFL is the ultimate replacement for the retiring Lachie Henderson. Geelong may need to move up a few spots in the draft if they want to ensure Alleer is theirs, but with all the picks they hold and the evenness of the draft, that should be easily achieved.

    15/10/2021: AFL Trade Period Wrap (all club trades reviewed and all teams graded):

    Not well utilised under David Teague for Carlton, Sam Petrevski-Seton is a bargain get for just pick 52. Playing his best football through the midfield previously for the Blues and struggling with how much he has been thrown around the field in recent years, Petrevski-Seton will add excitement to the Eagles midfield and should, with a permanent midfield role, re-establish himself as a best-22 player.

    15/10/2021: ESPN AFL Round Table: Which team won the trade free agency period? Who was the bargain pickup? Jake, Matt and I give our takes:

    How would you improve the trade and free agency period?
    Chris Doerre: A mid-season window to trade players and picks would give clubs the opportunity to fill needs and allow them to use mid-season draft picks for the best available talent. Similarly, during the National Draft each year, being able to trade players would give clubs an opportunity for greater flexibility and ability to be creative in how they go about improving their lists.

    AFL Draft Power Rankings:
    2/4/2021: April AFL Draft Power Rankings:
    1. Jason Horne
    2. Matthew Roberts
    3. Matthew Johnson

    4/5/2021: May AFL Draft Power Rankings:
    1. Jason Horne
    2. Nick Daicos
    3. Tyler Sonsie

    8/6/2021: June AFL Draft Power Rankings:
    1. Nick Daicos
    2. Jason Horne
    3. Tyler Sonsie

    5/7/2021: July AFL Draft Power Rankings:
    1. Nick Daicos (Collingwood - Father-Son)
    2. Jason Horne
    3. Sam Darcy
    (Western Bulldogs - Father-Son)

    2/8/2021: August AFL Draft Power Rankings:

    1. Nick Daicos (Collingwood - father-son)
    2. Jason Horne
    3. Sam Darcy
    (Western Bulldogs - father-son)

    6/9/2021: September AFL Draft Power Rankings:
    1. Nick Daicos (Collingwood - father-son)
    2. Jason Horne-Francis
    3. Sam Darcy
    (Western Bulldogs - father-son)

    4/10/2021: October AFL Draft Power Rankings:

    1. Jason Horne-Francis
    2. Nick Daicos (Collingwood - father-son)
    3. Sam Darcy
    (Western Bulldogs - father-son)

    19/11/2021 November AFL Draft Power Rankings:

    1. Jason Horne-Francis
    2. Nick Daicos (Collingwood - father-son)
    3. Sam Darcy (Western Bulldogs - father-son)

    AFL Mid-season Draft:
    19/5/2021: AFL Mid-Season Draft Power Rankings:
    1. Jacob Edwards
    2. Jackson Callow
    3. Bailey Lambert

    31/5/2021: AFL Mid-Season Draft. How every club can fill their most pressing list need:
    North Melbourne
    Likely number of picks:
    Greatest list need: Young stars
    Who should they pick: North Melbourne are in need of young stars and there is no better way of finding them through the draft than adding the best available talent. Consensus number one selection Jacob Edwards has nominated for the mid-season draft and should be joining North Melbourne as the first player selected. Had he entered the national draft, Edwards may have featured inside the first round. Edwards is a late bloomer, switching his attention from basketball and has made meaningful strides physically over the past 12 months, looming as an athletic type who can play both as a key forward and through the ruck.

    3/6/2021: AFL Mid-Season Draft review. The biggest surprises, best selections, plug-and-play options and hard luck stories:
    Hawthorn had been heavily linked in the leadup to competitive ruckman Ned Moyle given the club's limited ruck youth and how strong Moyle's play had been. A Hawthorn supporter, Moyle would have loved to have been selected by the Hawks, but Jai Newcombe ultimately was Hawthorn's choice. Having been playing as a midfielder for Box Hill in the VFL, ball winning bull Newcombe attracted more attention than Hawthorn would have liked in the leadup to the mid-season draft. A portion of this attention around Newcombe came due to the chatter around his unusual choice to nominate to be taken in the Mid-Season Draft under 'other terms' which led to plenty of speculation in the leadup to the draft that Hawthorn had their eyes on Newcombe and may have had interest in taking him with their second-round selection. With the cat out of the bag and with several other clubs interested in Newcombe in the first round, Hawthorn were forced to select him with their first pick, ultimately prioritising their midfield over their long-term ruck needs.

    AFL Season Previews:
    10/3/2021 - AAMI Community Series Wrap. Covering best first year players, breakout players and rebound season:
    Most impactful draftee:
    Looking likely to earn Round 1 selection and have an immediate impact as a crumbing forward, James Rowe was the SANFL's leading goal kicker in 2020. He failed to kick a goal against Port Adelaide but did register three behinds and looked lively enough at ground level to suggest he could play in the first round of the season.

    Breakout contender: Jordon Butts performed strongly as a key defender against Port Adelaide. An effective ball reader and intercept marker, expect a push from Butts to establish himself as a part of Adelaide's best 22.

    Rebound season: After a disappointing 2020, Taylor Walker appeared to move a lot better during his preseason clash against Port Adelaide. Walker kicked three goals and was clearly Adelaide's best forward 50m target. Expect him to play a better brand of football this season.

    AFL Draft Previews/Reviews:
    24/3/2021 - The biggest 2021 AFL Draft questions answered:
    ESPN's AFL Draft expert Chris Doerre is back to answer all the burning draft questions ahead of 2021, including who the standout prospects are, when the state leagues and junior competitions begin and the impact 2020 has had on this crop of players.
    [B]How much of an impact are fundi... talent pool and compromising future drafts.

    28/7/2021: AFL Draft state of play. The top picks, draft bolters, father-son, Academy and NGA prospects you should be watching out for:
    The pick one contenders
    At this point in time there are two top contenders and one outside chance.
    Collingwood father-son prospect Nick Daicos has starred so far this season and is one of the favourites to feature first overall.
    The second contender for the top pick is South Australian midfielder Jason Horne.
    The outside chance is Western Bulldogs father-son prospect and son of Luke, Sam Darcy.

    28/10/2021: The real No. 1 draft pick - Nick Daicos vs. Jason Horne-Francis:
    While Daicos statistically has achieved numbers never seen before in the junior ranks, the way Horne-Francis exerts his defensively through chasing, pressuring and putting his body on the line is like no top end prospect before him.

    4/11/2021: Geelong's mature age drafting masterclass - why other clubs should use their blueprint:

    The disparity between what clubs are doing and what they should be doing can be easily illustrated by comparing how few mature age selections have been taken inside the top 15 with how few high-quality mature agers have been selected outside the top 15 in the past 20 years. Over this period, only over-agers Lewis Jetta (pick 14 in 2009) and Nick Haynes (pick 7 in 2011) were among the first 15 selected in their draft years.


    11/11/2021: The evolution of key position players in the AFL and why all the top 200cm+ prospects are all key position players rather than ruckmen:

    Arguably the most significant change in the talent coming through the junior talent pathways over the past 10 years is the appearance and play of those 200cm or taller. The most talented of these are no longer being developed as ruckmen, but instead as key forwards and in some cases key defenders. Among the competition's premier 200cm or taller key position players, Harris Andrews, Darcy Moore, Harry McKay, Charlie Dixon, Joe Daniher, Max King and Ben King are all among the competition's absolute elite. During the 2020 draft, the trend continued with Riley Thilthorpe, Nik Cox and Zach Reid drafted early and each showing signs that they may join the elite bracket in the future.


    17/11/2021: 10 burning AFL Draft questions:

    Holding picks 1, 20, 42 and 47 inside the top 50, there wouldn't be a club in the competition that wouldn't switch their draft hand with North Melbourne's. Richmond also have one of the most appealing draft hands, holding picks 7, 15, 26, 27 and 28 inside the top 30. With their concentration of picks inside the top 30, with good talent ID, Richmond should be able to add several quality young pieces this year.


    25/11/2021: My first round 2021 AFL draft review including detailed pick and player thoughts as well as who I would have selected with each pick if I were the selector:

    Pick 1, North Melbourne: Jason Horne-Francis
    Doerre's Power Rankings: 1
    Doerre says: Horne-Francis will greatly complement North Melbourne's list. They've added an influential difference maker who, both through the midfield and up forward, can change the complexion of games with his relentless pressure, tackling and how he imposes himself on games. Often winning the ball on the move at speed and proving difficult to contain aerially, one-on-one and at ground level inside 50, Horne-Francis is worthy of the pick one tag. Given North Melbourne's current strength and depth in the midfield, we can expect to see Horne-Francis to start his career across half-forward with some moments through the midfield and closer to goal as favourable matchups arise in games. A Round 1 debut is the expectation.
    If I was North Melbourne list manager: No trade offer would sway me at this point. Jason Horne-Francis is the right pick as the best prospect in the draft. The addition of the. explosive South Australian from a marketing perspective will generate excitement, but as one of those players who influences winning in such a diverse number of ways, it's equally important of a play for North Melbourne's long term list build.


    26/11/2021: AFL Draft 2021 - Every club's draft haul rated and graded:

    6, 36, 44

    Players drafted: Josh Rachele, Jake Soligo, Zac Taylor

    Grade: ?

    Rationale: Adelaide have added to their mosquito fleet of midfielders and gone from small to smaller, with all three of the club's picks t least 180cm tall. Rachele is one of the few in this draft with genuine capacity to impact games both as a forward and midfielder. Soligo is a buzzy midfielder with speed and someone who tackles aggressively, while Taylor is one of this draft's bargains as a skilful, speedy, high production midfielder. The Crows' trade of their 2022 third round pick to secure the pick that would draft Taylor was well worth it and recognition of the incredible value Taylor represents. While this draft doesn't perfectly help Adelaide's list balance, the quality of players drafted is very strong given where they were picked up.

    29/11/2021 My top-10 for 2022:
    Will Ashcroft
    A Brisbane father-son prospect and the son of Marcus, Will is the early front-runner for the No. 1 pick in 2022. With a ridiculous 33 disposals, 20 contested possessions, 12 clearances, nine inside 50s and two goals for Vic Metro during their Under-17 Championships match against Vic Country, Ashcroft showed he is the complete package. He's not only a first possession winner at stoppages, but displays quick hands, agility and evasion in traffic. Ashcroft hurts teams with his kicks to targets inside 50m and with the ease with which he can hit the scoreboard.

    ESPN Podcast involvements:
    4/5/2021: ESPN AFL Podcast. First involvement for season 2021 including an approx 15min draft segment:
    This week on the podcast, the team discuss how the COVID curveballs came at a lucky time for the AFL, analyse the first half of the year for this week's bye teams, and talk most improved players, while we also debate which Josh Kennedy has had the better career and more!

    31/5/2021: Second ESPN podcast appearance for 2021. Covering tomorrow's AFL Mid-Season draft.
    This week on the podcast, ESPN's AFL draft expert Chris Doerre joins the teams to give us an insight into how this year's draft crop is shaping up. Christian Joly From Champion Data runs us through the players who are always under pressure (and who is best at dealing with it), and the team talk the worst guernseys of all time, how to fix Collingwood, and play another round of 'justified hype or hyperbole' with some interesting results.

    15/10/2021: Trade and free agency review; draft preview with Chris Doerre
    In a special offseason episode of the podcast, ESPN's draft expert Chris Doerre joins the team to review the free agency and trade period, while the team also throws forward to the draft, set to be held next month.
    First round phantom draft included:
    1. North Melbourne - Jason Horne-Francis
    2. Collingwood - Nick Daicos (matching GWS bid)

    23/11/2021: Final ESPN AFL Draft podcast of the year:
    Quick early phantom yesterday afternoons podcast:
    1. NM = Horne-Francis
    2. WBD = Darcy
    3. Coll = Daicos (will this remain the same for my final phantom)
    4. GWS = Callaghan
    5. GC = Andrew

    For my final phantom draft. Stay tuned.

    AFL Draft Weekly Wraps:
    7/4/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Josh Rentsch:
    Key forward Josh Rentsch provided a strong focal point up forward for Greater Western Victoria in their 23-point win against Geelong Falcons.

    14/4/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Nick Daicos:
    Playing in a distinctively lively, clean, smart and stylish yet arrogant manor, Nick Daicos for the second successive week starred, consolidating his status as a likely top-5 draft choice and one of Victoria's best.

    21/4/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Josh Gibcus:
    After earning AFL Academy squad selection during the week, Josh Gibcus confirmed his status as one of this year's premier key defenders, patrolling the airways for Greater Western Victoria in their 11-point win against Murray.

    28/4/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on GWS Giants Academy member Josh Fahey:
    Winning the MCC President's Medal, Fahey, the Greater Western Sydney Academy product took the bulk of the kickouts for the AFL Academy and impressed on his left foot with his penetration and precision kicking.

    5/5/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Matthew Roberts:
    With one of the dominant displays so far this season in the junior ranks, Matthew Roberts solidified his top-10 draft billing for South Adelaide in their 56-point win against Norwood with 34 disposals, eight marks, nine tackles, eight clearances, 10 inside-50s and three goals.

    12/5/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Hugh Jackson:
    With a season-high 41 disposals, nine marks and eight clearances for North Adelaide's Under 18s in an entertaining draw against Woodville-West Torrens, Hugh Jackson is the early favourite to follow in the footsteps of Tom Powell to win the SANFL's Under-18 MVP.

    26/5/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on mid-season draft prospect Jackson Callow:
    Winning best-on-ground honours in Norwood's 48-point win against Adelaide, 18-year-old Jackson Callow played like a man among boys in the SANFL and may be the first key forward taken in this year's mid-season draft.

    2/6/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on powerful mid/fwd Hugh Stagg:
    Starring for Glenelg's U/18s in their four-point loss to West Adelaide on the weekend, mid-forward prospect Hugh Stagg put on an exhibition of strength and power - showcasing his ability to absorb and break tackles, and remain standing and dispose of the ball with bodies hanging off of him.

    9/6/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Adelaide NGA Isaiah Dudley:
    It's a rare day when the standout player is on the losing side of a 98-point blowout, but that was the case for 168cm midfielder and Adelaide Next-Generation Academy prospect Isaiah Dudley.

    16/6/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Sam Frost:
    Not to be confused with the current Hawthorn key defender, this week's player in focus is 18-year-old Sam Frost who starred in GWS' 78-point NAB League win over the Northern Territory.

    23/6/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Finn Callaghan:
    Displaying freakish evasion through traffic, Callaghan amassed 31 disposals, 10 contested possessions, seven inside 50s, and four score assists. What was striking with Callaghan was whenever he had ball in hand, there was an immediate sense he was going to make something happen.

    30/6/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Sam Darcy (Vic Metro v Country u18 trial notes):
    With the most dominant display so far this season in the junior ranks, Western Bulldogs father-son prospect Sam Darcy (son of Luke) wowed watchers for Vic Metro in Trial Match 2 against Vic Country. The performance instantly elevated him into the No. 1 pick conversation.

    7/7/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Connor MacDonald:
    What was special about MacDonald's performance was how clean he was at ground level, everything he did in close was one-touch in cold slippery conditions on Saturday night.

    14/7/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Melbourne Next-Generation Academy prospect Mac Andrew:
    It was such a commanding performance that the Demons should not expect to be able to match bids for Andrew, as this year any bid inside the top 20 for NGA prospects cannot be matched.

    21/7/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Blake Schlensog, the best key position player outside the AFL and the solution to your club's key position woes:
    The best key position player outside the AFL has emerged and looms as both a plug and play piece and a long-term answer. A former Geelong Category B rookie, Blake Schlensog was unlucky to be delisted at the conclusion of the 2020 season, following rapid improvement in his two-year stint with the Cats.

    4/8/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Josh Clarke:

    The driving force for the Eastern Ranges in their 27-point win against Dandenong, Josh Clarke was the most damaging player afield with both his kicking and running difference-making.

    11/8/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Jason Horne:

    There has never been a footballer past or present who is as special defensively as he is at winning centre bounce ground balls at high speed as pick one contender and consensus first live selection in this year's draft Jason Horne.

    18/8/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Arlo Draper:

    What impressed recruiters most though was his kicking, vision and decision making. After taking marks on the wing, Draper more than once located and hit targets by foot in the corridor with precision. He also later in the game showed on the move the composure to take his time, lower his eyes and find the leading inside 50m target.


    25/8/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Sam Skinner:

    Former Brisbane key position player Sam Skinner looks primed to earn another AFL opportunity. Continuing his strong vein of form with 22 disposals, 10 marks (two contested) and six rebound 50s for South Adelaide in their 13-point loss against Port Adelaide, Skinner has looked a new player since switching into defence. This follows games with 12 marks (four contested) and 11 marks (four contested) in the two weeks prior, proving he can be a plug-and-play piece for AFL sides.


    1/9/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on classy 192cm midfielder Matthew Johnson, the top performers from SA v WA, reaction to Jason Horne-Francis' performance and a Nick Daicos update:

    Unusual for a tall midfielder, Johnson appears to think and move faster than others following the ball. He possesses not only a quick first step, but before he even wins or receives the ball, he appears to have already planned how he is going to move and what he's going to do.


    8/9/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Jordan Lukac:

    Splitting his time between playing up forward and through the ruck, the athletic Jordan Lukac outleapt rival ruckmen regularly at centre bounces, while around the ground displayed a midfielder-like fluidity to his movement. At 196cm, he was also just as threatening forward of centre, creating separation on the lead and looking like a threat whenever he leapt for the ball or had front position one-on-one.


    15/9/2021: AFL Draft Weekly Wrap with a focus Bailey Rogers:

    Earning back-to-back selection across half-back in the 2019 and 2020 WAFL Team of the Year, Bailey Rogers has taken his game up a gear this season and transformed into one of the competition's premier midfielders who can push forward. A Sandover Medal contender as one of the WAFL's best this season, Rogers is an AFL ready, 24-year-old who has not only been finding and winning plenty of the football, but also heavily influencing games.


    22/9/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on this year's premier outside mid Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera:

    The premier outside player in this draft, Wanganeen-Milera has earned a reputation for his precision kicking and his diverse range of tricks with ball in hand. Possessing rare agility, Wanganeen-Milera displayed dancing feet, changed direction at will, speed around players and an ability to wrong foot them to give himself more time and space to dispose of the ball effectively.


    29/9/2021: AFL Draft wrap: a detailed look at Jason Horne-Francis' performance of the year and a focus on draft smokie Arthur Jones:

    In the individual performance of the season, pick one contender Jason Horne-Francis gave his all for South Adelaide in their SANFL League preliminary final against Glenelg. It's a game he announced himself to the football world and as a player to be feared.


    6/10/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on speedster Ronald Fejo Jr:

    Joining West Adelaide this year from Northern Territory, Ronald Fejo Jr has been a highlight reel in the Reserves. Taking part for the Allies (a team composed of talent from NSW/ACT, Queensland, Tasmanian and Northern Territory talent) in their clash with South Australia, Fejo wowed onlookers with his rare speed, agility and evasion.


    13/10/2021: AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Angus Sheldrick:

    At 179cm and 88kg, Sheldrick is strong over the ball and routinely wins first possession, works hard around the ground to receive loose ball gets, possesses an explosive burst of speed, shrugs tackles and tackles with intent, plays a strong two-way game and hits the scoreboard.


    AFL Draft Combine:
    18/10/2021: AFL Draft Combine wrap - the standouts, surprises and how to interpret it all:

    It's easy to look at draft combine results and get excited about footballers if they're breaking records in particular tests. What clubs do, because they've been watching the players invited throughout the year, is put the results in context of what the footballer does in game to explain what they've been watching during the year.

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  • Knightmare

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    Sep 22, 2010
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    Chicago Bulls
    YouTube videos (2021):

    29/12/2020 - Supercoach and AFL Fantasy relevance of all 2020 AFL National Draft selections:
    Should you pick
    Jamarra - no
    Thilthorpe - no
    Phillips - yes
    McDonald - no

    13/1/2021 - A labour of love project. My biggest hits and misses in my 12 years covering the AFL draft:
    Biggest hits:

    Ben Brown Rated: 2010 - 32 and 2011 - 27. Actually drafted: 2013 - 47.
    Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti: 2012 - 36. Actually drafted: 2015 - rookie - 22
    Noah Balta: 2017 - 6. Actually drafted: 2017 - 25.
    Best avoids:
    Lucas Cooke: 2010 - outside 50. Actually drafted: 12.
    Jonathon O'Rourke: 2012 - 11. Actually drafted: 2.
    Michael Apeness: 2013 - outside 60. Actually drafted: 2013 - 17.
    Jack Leslie: 2013 - outside 60. Actually drafted: 2013 - 20.
    Paddy McCartin 2014 - 5. Actually drafted: 2014 - 1.
    Blaine Boekhorst 2014 - outside 60. Actually drafted: 2014 - 19.

    19/1/2021 - AFL Premiership 2007 - the list management fundamentals learnt and the players I would build around:
    The list of 40+4 rookies I would have gone forward with as of the start of 2007:
    Todd Goldstein, Sam Jacobs, Dean Cox, Jonathan Brown, Lance Franklin, Tom Hawkins, Jack Riewoldt, Josh Kennedy, Jarryd Roughead, Brian Harris (Lake), Luke McPharlin, Heath Grundy, Tom Lonergan, Matthew Scarlett, Corey Enright, Heath Shaw, Shannon Hurn, Bachar Houli, Jarrod Harbrow, Luke Hodge, Kade Simpson, Brendon Goddard, Jarrad McVeigh, Matthew Pavlich, Adam Goodes, Shaun Burgoyne, Jimmy Bartel, Brett Deledio, David Mundy, Shaun Higgins, Shane Edwards, Eddie Betts, Brent Harvey, Robbie Gray, Gary Ablett, Sam Mitchell, Dane Swan, Chris Judd, Scott Pendlebury, Joel Selwood, Travis Boak, Josh Kennedy, Kieran Jake.

    26/1/2021 - The list management mistake all 18 AFL clubs make time and time again:
    With talls it's about quality over quantity. The less key position players and ruckman on your list the better so as to maximise the quality of your best-22.

    2/2/2021 - 2020-2029 AFL Best 22:
    B: Luke Ryan Harris Andrews Jack Lukosius
    HB: Andrew McGrath Noah Balta Jordan Ridley
    CEN: Hugh McCluggage Matthew Rowell Sam Walsh
    HF: Christian Petracca Aaron Naughton Zak Butters
    F: Connor Rozee Max King Izak Rankine
    FOLL: Brodie Grundy Tom Green Bailey Smith
    BENCH: Jy Simpkin Clayton Oliver Jarrod Berry Adam Cerra

    9/2/2021 - Why Jake Lloyd's production will reduce in 2021:

    Risks: Braeden Campbell, Jordan Dawson, Will Gould
    16/2/2021 - How to win AFL Fantasy - Interview with 2017+2018 AFL Fantasy winner Moreira's Magic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DM4Qga9KODw&ab_channel=AFLDraftExpert

    23/2/2021 - The AFL Team everyone is disrespecting in season 2021:
    Key finding: there is a bottom-10 team every year breaking into the top-4
    The team I'm not sleeping on in 2021: Fremantle

    25/2/2021 - AFL Fantasy and Supercoach keepers rankings from the 2020 AFL Draft:
    1. Will Phillips
    2. Finlay Macrae
    3. Tom Powell
    4. Elijah Hollands
    5. Braeden Campbell
    6. Sam Berry
    7. Lachlan Jones
    8. Heath Chapman

    1/3/2021 - Learning Supercoach secrets with Jords Supercoach & AFL over some chess:
    Some top tips from Jords:
    Captain options recommended: 4
    Premium recommendation: take the top priced premiums as durability, reliability and role are built into the price
    Mid pricer tip: think about what you want out of the mid-pricer

    3/3/2021 - The only video Supercoach or AFL Fantasy video you'll need to watch on rookies for season 2021:
    Recommended rookies: Flynn, Phillips, Powell, Berry, Gulden, Chapman, Jones, Campbell and Macrae.

    10/3/2021 - Why Geelong's list in 2021 is the most OP on paper since their 2007-2010 list:
    6 players: Jeremy Cameron, Isaac Smith, Shaun Higgins, Jordan Clark, Tom Atkins and Josh Jenkins

    11/3/2021 - My AFL Fantasy team for 2021 with all round 1 considerations detailed:
    Starting with Grundy as captain with Merrett there as the other captain option. No Gawn.

    11/3/2021 - My Supercoach team for 2021 with all round 1 considerations detailed:
    Starting with Grundy and Merrett as captain options. No Gawn.

    14/3/2021 - I got the 2020 #1 pick wrong. The real #1 pick in the 2020 AFL Draft should have been…:
    Logan McDonald over Jamarra.

    15/3/2021 - AFL Team Power Rankings Season 2021:
    My pre-season ladder prediction:
    1. Geelong
    2. Richmond
    3. Port Adelaide
    4. Brisbane
    5. St Kilda
    6. Western Bulldogs
    7. West Coast
    8. Fremantle

    15/3/2021 - AFL Rising Star Prediction 2021:
    1. Matt Rowell
    2. Tom Green
    3. Hayden Young

    16/3/2021 - 15 AFL moneyball trade targets I will be tracking in season 2021:
    Tom Green
    Willem Drew
    Jack Sinclair
    Tom McDonald
    Josh Caddy
    Deven Robertson

    17/3/2021 - 2021 Supercoach final team reveal. Essential watch to get your rookie structure and selections right:
    Def: + 2 bench
    Mid: Campbell, Powell, Gulden, Scott + 2 bench
    Ruck: + 1 bench
    Fwd: Warner + 2 bench

    17/3/2021 - 2021 AFL Fantasy final team reveal. Essential watch to get rookie structure and selections right:
    Def: + 2 bench
    Mid: Powell, Gulden + 2 bench
    Ruck: Flynn + 1 bench
    Fwd: Campbell, Scott + 2 bench
    + 1 extra

    18/3/2021 - 2021 AFL Real Dream Team final team reveal:
    Grundy+Merrett as captain options. Walsh as a unique.

    24/3/2021 - 1000 subscriber special. Best AFL footballers drafted from 2016 to 2020 top-100 rankings:
    1. Jack Lukosius
    2. Noah Balta
    3. Logan McDonald
    4. Jamarra Ugle-Hagan
    5. Matt Rowell
    6. Bailey Smith
    7. Sam Walsh
    8. Max King
    9. Ben King
    10. Jy Simpkin
    11. Zak Butters
    12. Tom Green
    13. Aaron Naughton
    14. Nick Blakey
    15. Charlie Ballard
    16. Sam Taylor
    17. Oscar Allen
    18. Hugh McCluggage
    19. Andrew McGrath
    20. Tim Taranto

    30/3/2021 - Supercoach team update and trade ideas ahead of round 3 2021:
    Starting team mistakes that need rectification: Dom Tyson, Paddy Dow, Patrick Cripps, Tom Phillips

    7/4/2021: Mason Cox the biggest beneficiary of the AFL's new man on the mark rules?
    Types the rule helps:
    Leading forwards
    Low volume tacklers
    Outside runners
    Skillful outside types

    16/4/2021: AFL best 22 under 22 early 2021 edition
    First team:
    B: Lachie Jones Sam Taylor Charlie Ballard
    HB: Heath Chapman Noah Balta Braeden Campbell
    CEN: Jack Lukosius Adam Cerra Nik Cox
    *The rest of team 1 and team 2 can be found in video

    23/4/2021: Was the 2018 AFL Draft a Super Draft? - Podcast:
    Top end? Could be the best in draft history?
    Depth? Unproven and unclear at this point.

    27/4/2021: AFL Draft preview 2021 - putting my draft skills to the test:
    My picks:
    St Kilda:
    6=Matthew Roberts
    43=Connor McDonald
    61=Ned Moyle

    6/5/2021: AFL Draft tier list May 2021:
    --Tier 1--
    1. Jason Horne
    2. Nick Daicos
    --Tier 2--
    3. Tyler Sonsie
    4. Matthew Roberts
    5. Josh Rachele
    6. Josh Sinn

    7/5/2021: How to watch junior footy and state league competitions online:
    Youtube, channel 7, SANFL website etc

    10/5/2021: AFL Mid season draft 2021: The Big Opportunity:
    4 overage ruckmen from Victoria: Jacob Edwards, Ned Moyle, Liam Podhajski and Max Heath.

    27/5/2021: AFL Mid-Season Draft Top 20 Power Rankings and the best players at each position ranked
    1. Jackson Callow
    2. Jacob Edwards
    3. Ned Moyle
    4. Tyrone Thorne
    5. Angus Baker
    6. Blake Schlensog

    1/6/2021: Why Jackson Callow went undrafted and how he exposes an AFL recruiting blind spot:
    Clubs routinely ignore big bodied key position players despite often being better performed than those chosen. Should they be chosen? I think there remains a place for them if they're good enough.

    3/6/2021: AFL Mid-Season Draft review with a Supercoach and AFL Fantasy focus (projected Supercoach and AFL Fantasy scores included as well as likeliness to play in 2021):
    The two must get players once named: Jai Newcombe and Connor West.

    10/6/2021: 2020 AFL Draft re-done mid 2021:
    --Tier 1--
    1. Logan McDonald
    2. Jamarra Ugle-Hagan
    3. Riley Thilthorpe
    4. Nik Cox

    24/6/2021: My Mid-Season AFL All-Australian team:
    Different inclusions to ESPN: Tom Stewart, Harris Andrews, Daniel Rich, Brodie Smith, Aaron Naughton, Dayne Zorko, Tom Hawkins, Nic Naitanui, Shai Bolton, Dustin Martin, Nat Fyfe
    ESPN's different inclusions: Brandon Starcevich, Steven May, Darcy Moore, Bailey Dale, Hugh McCluggage, Jack Macrae, Jack Darling, Harry McKay, Sam Walsh, Oliver Wines, Bailey Fritsch

    8/7/2021: The collapse of junior footy in Victoria? Why I’m concerned by the calibre of Victorian prospects coming through. July 2021 AFL Draft Power Rankings Tier List (top-40)
    Only 18 of my top-40 power rankings are Victorians. A lower ratio than any draft by comparison either to my power rankings or actual draft outcomes. A worry Victoria having such limited talent compared to a normal draft

    22/7/2021: The greatest dynasty since 2000: Brisbane, Geelong, Hawthorn or Richmond?
    Most All-Australians: Geelong
    Most Premierships: Brisbane/Hawthorn/Richmond
    Most Grand Finals: Brisbane/Hawthorn
    Home and away wins: Geelong
    Home and away percentage: Geelong
    Combined best-22 totals: Geelong/Hawthorn

    29/7/2021: The real reason why Gold Coast and GWS failed to win a premiership not even AFL clubs understand:
    The key numbers and points of discussion:
    Of the x12 17 year olds and top-15 picks from 2010-2014 which should have made up a major portion of the club cores:
    Gold Coast: 2/25 remain or 8%
    GWS: 6/34 remain or 17.6%

    5/8/2021: The moneyball style disruptive draft and list management focuses all clubs need to implement now
    Those disruptive opportunities:
    Opposition talent ID
    State league talent ID
    Mature agers over 25
    International recruits
    Veteran leaders

    12/8/2021: A lesson in veteran leadership. Why early picks without sufficient veteran leadership doesn't lead to success. The possible disruptor in the AFL recruiting industry. (Podcast)
    Key idea: you can't build a list no matter how many early picks you have without sufficient veteran leadership and established players in place.

    20/8/2021: The reason there is no excuse for your club not meeting their key defence needs this offseason:
    Former AFL players, young out of contract players and veterans - retired, delisted or yet to be contracted are among those I explore.
    My favourites I cover: Blake Schlensog, Jake Riccardi and Sam Skinner

    23/8/2021: Hawthorn just made the mistake of the millennium:
    My thesis: Without Al Clarkson Hawthorn will no longer be a destination club for the best staff or players.

    26/8/2021: A best 22 of those not included in the AFL All Australian squad of 40:
    The three most unlucky misses in my view: Tom Liberatore, Kysaiah Pickett and Harris Andrews

    17/9/2021: September AFL Draft Power Rankings top 50 and tier list:
    Key idea: It's not always about who you rate higher than others, but just as much who you feel is overrated and feel will go earlier than you're willing to draft.
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAjYGjloLY4&t=1944s

    24/9/2021: 2021 AFL Grand Final Preview:
    Top reasons each club is successful:
    Reasons for Western Bulldogs’ success:
    1. All-time greatest midfield I’ve seen from top to bottom – Bont/Macrae/Liber/Dunkley/Treloar/Smith/Hunter with good midfielders outside best-22.
    Reasons for Melbourne’s success:
    1. Paul Roos coaching 2014-2016. Set up culture for Goodwin to take over. *Unable to finish better than 12th in the 7 years before he arrived.
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d08KaumUXxU

    1/10/2021: AFL Moneyball Offseason Targets. The best trade and free agency targets 2021:
    Moneyball rucks: Peter Ladhams, Sam Hayes, Max Lynch, Matthew Flynn

    15/10/2021: AFL Moneyball offseason targets. The best trade and free agency gets during the 2021 trade period.
    Preview: 3 trades and 2 free agency choices. The first of the names is Max Lynch. Fixes Hawthorn's ruck division and gives them the second young and able ruckman under 30 for a bargain basement price.

    2/11/2021: Exposing AFL Draft Central's Power Rankings:
    What surprised me the most: No mature age prospects inside the top-40.

    4/11/2021: The secret to avoiding AFL Draft traps. The key ingredient needed in each position for draft success and to avoid the avoidable mistakes made every year:
    Teaser: With midfielders, and Champion Data have rightly written about the success of midfielders with contested ball winning capabilities for those AFL Prospectus readers of the past. That's a point I agree with them on and one where I draw the same conclusion, with that contested ball winning being that essential component with midfielders which can be seen through looking at those best midfielders in the competition past/present and looking at draft success rates. I've created my own checklist of essential components for all the other positions.

    11/11/2021: 15 AFL delisted free agents worth a second chance:
    Some of the key names include: Tyson Stengle, Sam Skinner, Blake Schlensog, Hugh Greenwood and Biggy Nyuon

    20/11/2021: My trademark picks for the 2021 AFL Draft:
    Some of those include: Leek Alleer, Angus Sheldrick, Zac Taylor and Bodhi Uwland from my top-20. I go through another 10 of my favourites in this year's draft.

    21/11/2021: 2021 AFL Draft top 75 power rankings and tier list:
    My top-20 are as per my November Power Rankings on ESPN. Next few include: Roberts, Van Rooyen, Lord, Sinn, Goater.

    23/11/2021: My 2021 AFL Phantom Draft Every Pick Every Bid as seen on espn.com.au/afl explained:
    1. North Melbourne - Jason Horne-Francis
    Height, Weight:
    185cm, 81kg
    Profile: What separates Horne-Francis from the rest of the pool is his application and influence defensively, with his aggression, pressure, tackling, second and third efforts and run back in support elite even by AFL standards. He also plays a high impact per possession game, wins the ball at full speed through the midfield and causes headaches up forward aerially, when the ball hits the deck and when isolated one-on-one.

    2. Western Bulldogs - Sam Darcy (Western Bulldogs father-son) - bid matched
    Height, Weight:
    205cm, 93kg
    Profile: In a draft lacking in the way of premier talls, Darcy is the standard of excellence with his long arms and reach, one grab contested marking, attack on the ball aerially, one-touch ground level skills and his speed and agility for someone his height. Given his rapid rate of improvement and mix of rare attributes, he is one of this draft's highest upside choices for the long term.

    3. GWS -

    27/11/2021: The best value picks of the 2021 AFL Draft:

    Biggest bargain I had: Zac Taylor - pick 44 but 12 in my rankings.


    28/11/2021: How not to trade. The greatest Sinn committed during the 2021 AFL Offseason:

    We all know the trade: Port Adelaide moving up two spots to secure Josh Sinn after trading their 2022 2nd round selection to make it happen. And that's following the Ladhams trade during the trade period to move up four spots.


    29/11/2021: 10 AFL Draft snubs AFL clubs should look at in the preseason supplemental period and midseason draft:

    29. Kade Dittmar
    32. Bailey Rogers.
    33. ?

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    AFL Draft Weekly Wraps
  • Knightmare

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    Chicago Bulls
    A point of conversation at the moment for me feels like the lack of worthwhile talls in this draft pool. Darcy has been widely spoken about and rightly, but the performance from Andrew on Friday has him for me moving into the top-15 mix and I'm certainly more comfortable than I was with him as a KPP. After that though, I can't say there is a single other I'd consider worth selecting inside the first round at this stage.

    For those wanting more on Andrew I've posted my AFL Draft wrap with a focus on Melbourne Next-Generation Academy prospect Mac Andrew plus a comprehensive look at the Victorians on the rise from the Metro v Country clash which can be found on page 1/in my signature/on my Twitter.

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    YouTube videos
  • Knightmare

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    Sep 22, 2010
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    Chicago Bulls
    Interesting finding and point of discussion:
    From my top-40 and this is part of my analysis in my video but I ended up with:
    Breakdown by state: x18 VIC, x9 SA, x7 WA, x3 QLD, x3 NSW/ACT

    Less than half Victorians in my top-40 isn't great and something we haven't seen, and certainly nothing I've had happen on my own board before. Doesn't mean the ratio on draft day, but that's what really struck me in completing the exercise and expanding my power rankings out.

    Video title: The collapse of junior footy in Victoria? July 2021 AFL Draft Power Rankings Tier List (top-40)
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