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This is the 8th year that i will be running this comp and i hope to continue making it an annual fixture of the board. Hopefully we can get as many entrants as possible and if you have a little bit of spare time on your hands during the lead up to preseason then you might want to get your tips in early.

I will be making a slight change to the 2021 competition and allow 1 life this year, so you can tip 1 incorrect tip and still stay alive. Once you get 2 wrong, you are OUT.

As we had to cancel the competition last year i have provided a link to the forum thread from 2019

Link to the 2019 comp :

This is a footy tipping comp you all might have played before but with a slight difference.

Just tip one game winner for every round for all 23 rounds before the first game of round 1.

Link to the 2021 Fixture :

Please be aware that this comp is different to the usual pick 1 winner a week each week, this comp requires all 23 picks to be made and sent to me before round 1.

Please also tip who you think will finish 10th after round 23.

You will advance to the next round should you get the tip right. A drawn game will count as a loss, you must tip a winner

The last person in the comp wins.

If there are more than one person left and then the following week they all get eliminated (i.e. all get their tips wrong), then they will not get eliminated as there needs to be one person left standing to be heralded the winner. If by round 23 there is still more than one person left (very doubtful but just in case), then the person whose chosen team is closest to 10th place will win.


-You Cannot tip the same team twice in a row to win

-You Cannot tip the same team more than 5 times throughout the year
-You Cannot tip against the same team more than 5 times throughout the year


1. A nice shiny forum badge - will be in the form of a boxing glove with KO on it.

2. A $50 Gift voucher from the Bomber Shop posted to you OR a straight up internet transfer of $50 direct to your bank account. The winners choice.

The competition is restricted to members of BigFooty Essendon supporters.

Your tips need to be lodged through to myself via PM or email (DO NOT POST YOUR TIPS IN THIS THREAD) before 5:00pm on Thursday 18 March 2021 (It's the Thursday when round 1 begins). Tips lodged after that deadline will not be accepted.

You may change your tips anytime until Thursday 18 March 2021 at 5:00pm. After this deadline, you may not change your tips.

An example of how to post your tips: sent to me via PM. Do not post in this thread.

R1: Geelong
R2: Bulldogs
R3: Richmond
R4: Brisbane
R5: Nth Melbourne
R22: Collingwood
R23: West Coast

10th Place: Melbourne

Competition Hall Of Fame Winners

2014 Beerfish
2015 daffo
2016 Dennis ClarkeM
2017 un_eggs
2018 raskolnikov
2019 BrewSmackerVeiny
2020 Cancelled due to the Rona

It really is that simple. You only post your tips ONCE and never have to do them again all year.

First you need to post if you are interested in playing so I can see the numbers. If you want to enter please indicate your interest in this thread.

You are welcome to send me your tips at anytime up until the deadline of Thursday 18 March 2021 at 5.00pm.

Good Luck and have fun

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