Universal Love Kreuzer announces Retirement

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Club Legend
Dec 16, 2008
Maiden Gully
AFL Club
My favorite memory was when I was having a kick with my 5 year old on qeo after vfl match. Kruz was about the last one leaving the rooms and no-one else was around .
I sent my boy over to say hello and I remained on the oval. They had a conversation for ages during which kruz waved at me.
When my kid got back he said that he told him that he didn't know who he was and that dad sent him over. That was when the wave happened. I felt like an idiot.


Mumma Mebbie
Feb 6, 2013
Locker #5
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Kreuze is one of my favourite types of player. Not necessarily the most exciting and flashy to watch, but dependable*. Reliable. Lion-hearted.
So much talent but bloody injuries ruin another career. How bullshit is it that one of the club's actual heart and soul players played his last game to a hollow, empty stadium. No chance of a farewell, no last time to yell KREUUUUUZEEEEE.

I'm gonna miss this guy.

Look how happy I was to meet him. So lovely, he had plenty of time to spend having a chat. And yes, I was standing up 🙃 34EB3616-7830-421C-856E-8EEED1C7ED3F.jpeg

*when not injured, obviously. Don't @ me.


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Jul 19, 2005
Bunbury, WA
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His body issues have caused him to miss more games than he should have, but after every big spell where he missed games through injury, he has always came out and played his best football.

Hopefully, the club has plans for Kreuzer outside of football and have put forward a coaching contract for him to be our dedicated stoppages/ruck coach next year.

And finally, I would like to give Kreuzer my thanks for being such a fabulous servant to the club. I hope that you have a great retirement with your lovely family. And if you don't get a job with the club, you put that degree in civil engineering to good use and make some fantastic structures to make Carlton fans proud of!
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Club Legend
May 26, 2011
AFL Club

Beloved Blue Matthew Kreuzer has called time on his career after 13 seasons.

For over a decade Kreuzer has been a heart and soul player of the Carlton Football Club, providing a daily example to his teammates of the importance of strong character and resilience.

The 31-year-old played 189 games in the Navy Blue guernsey, all with courage and pride, underpinned by an elite work rate.
It is those characteristics that made him a fan favourite amongst the Carlton faithful from the moment he was selected with the first overall pick in the 2007 NAB AFL Draft.

Blue Pulse

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Mar 19, 2014
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“I am proud to say I gave everything I had to the footy club and am grateful to all our members and supporters for all the love and passion you provided me over the last 13 years.” Matthew Kreuzer

And that he did, one of footballs good guys, our team was so much better with him in it and when he was up and about. Even on his bad days, you could just see him busting his guts doing the team things, shepherd, tackle being our 4th midfielder. Big shoes need to be filled but I don't believe we will find someone with a bigger heart.

All the best, Kruuuuz, it has been our pleasure. :'(

La Dispute

La Dispute
Jul 14, 2005
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Manchester City, Boston Bruins
Yeh I'm also strangely emotional about the whole thing. Really feels like the end of era with Gibbs also announcing his retirement, and Murph not far away.

After the most tragic era in our history these guys plus Judd were charged with bringing the club back from the doldrums. For the first time in 5 years or so there was some actual excitement for what was to come.

Probably the first genuine stars the club had since Kouta.

Blue and Blue

Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 29, 2018
On the glory road
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Didn't think I would post on this forum again.

But the Big Champ has got me off me bum once more as he did in the stands so many times. When we talk about heart and soul and integrity and humility and the will to overcome adversity this man is as much a champion as anyone that ever pulled on navy blue.

I remember when Doully stopped. It was tough. This is just as tough. Because these people become part of our consciousness, part of our lives our hopes and dreams. Some more than others.

Thanks Matty your a legend.


Senior List
Jan 12, 2017
AFL Club
Very very sad, wish he could keep going on. Seems to soon 😪

My favourite player easily, he did all the tough things and little stuff that most don't notice. Very unselfish player and always stood up in the big moments. "Kreuzzzz"

You are a bloody star.

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