Welcome Kyle Hartigan joins the Hawks in a trade from the Crows

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Oct 12, 2015
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Welcome to the Hawkers. Harto!
As a Crows supporter I'm sorry to see him go. Not the most talented player and capable of the odd clanger, but if you ever need someone to stand in the hole Hartigan's your man. He copped a lot of unfair criticism from some quarters for those clangers but was a valuable player for us IMHO. Good luck to him and to you Hawks.

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Feb 27, 2003
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Watching that video, perhaps look at this from another angle. Forget about being a supporter for a minute, and think how you would feel playing with a player like Hartigan. I for one would love it. It's a bit like being a teammate of Matt Spangher. He looks like he gives 100% and you cannot ask anymore than that. If I was lining up with him, I'd walk a bit taller. Even the best players can turn the ball over, so I wouldn't get too hung up on that. If the opposition forward doesn't get the ball, then the first objective is complete. From there you either get the footy the hell out of there, or give it to someone who is a better kick of the ball.

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Oct 13, 2012
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Do you honestly think he'd pick Hawthorn over Adelaide if Adelaide offered him more?
Do you honestly think he'd pick Hawthorn over any other Melbourne club barr North had they offered the same?

We're not a destination club at the moment. Especially not for a 29yo fringe player of a wooden spooner looking for some late-career success.

We're not going to offer a fringe player from a wooder spooner a considerable amount of salary either. That's just dumb list management when we have more pressing needs like a goal kicking KPF and a competent ruck under 28.
Hello my old friend, here we go again this is like deja vu from back in the day we picked up Ricky Henderson and look at how that turned out.

I would have thought after that experience that you'd have changed your mind a bit towards putting more faith in the recruiting of our club.

PS To you think that the main reason why he didn't want to sign on with the crows after they had offered him a contract as well, was the fact that he and his family wanted to come back to Victoria where he and his wife are from originally?

I for one will continue to trust in the club and its recruiting team, and will welcome kyle Hartigan to the HFC and will just hope that if can achieve half of what a recycled delisted Ricky Henderson was capable of under the best coach in the business in a new system i will be ecstatic, and you my friend will one's again will be proven wrong, as you have been on multiple players over the years, again and again time after time👍😉
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Jul 25, 2020
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Lets hope the umps stop trying to make Hawks into softies, like they've done with Sic, and tried with Frostie this year. If they leave Frostie and Hartigan alone this may work, as I think we are a better chance short term (next year) then longer term, with the lists of other clubs that are yet to hit the ripe age/game bracket.

Good luck "old" fella.

Hawk Hawkins

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May 6, 2010
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Imagine having a big yard that needs mowing and all you have is a manual push mower and scissors. Your neighbour says to you look I got a pretty serviceable mower you can have for nothing. If you don’t want it though I’ll keep it and be happy to have. Every day of the week you taking the mower and using it. The amount of people in here that would say ummm that’s not a ride on why would I take it is actually amazing to me
Now imagine the grass was a playing list. The lawn mower was an average-at-best full back from the team that finished the bottom of the ladder and the paddock was the most successful football club of the last 50 (whatever it is) years...hmmm

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