Welcome Lachlan Jones - Pick #16 2020 National Draft (match NGA bid)

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PJ Power

Brownlow Medallist
Oct 13, 2003
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
His highlights (which in his case are truly representative of his performances so far) suggest a more polished version of Tom Jonas, which will make for a fantastic career.

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Mar 6, 2011
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
I'm a massive fan of this guy and think he's best 22 material as early as R1. Question is how do we fit him and Aliir in? They'll transition more easily as defenders (their best positions based on past form). So which of existing first choice back 7 get moved / dropped (allowing for one rotation)?

Early days but Jonas, Byrne-Jones, Hartlett are locks for me, at this stage. That leaves 2 out of Clurey, Aliir and McKenzie as KPDs and 2 out of Houston, Burton and Jones as general defenders. Maybe one of Houston, Burton or even Jones are used in other roles, eg: Ebert's defensive forward role, midfield rotations? It's a bit of selection headache if all fit.
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Doctor Feel

Shitposter In Chief
Mar 30, 2009
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Clurey and McKenzie are the most vulnerable, with Hartlett near the end. It's very likely we favour Burton when fit as well.

The other luxury here is that it gives us depth, and the ability to not have to rush Burton back in case of injury.


Premiership Player
Feb 1, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Golden State Warriors
If Burton gets through a proper pre-season without injury (huge IF I know), I would love to see him used as a mid. I still think he is absolute star midfielder in the making.

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Byrons Firen

Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 4, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
the maggies
I just see a bunch of pretty boy forwards who are going to experience fear as the wild man from Borneo goes to line up them. ‘Kid’ is a beast
Yep once he gets comfortable and settled in it's watch out all those fleet footed nancy boys flitting around the packs seagulling cheap stats.

Our Lachie's just as likely to re-arrange your internal organs with an old fashioned shirtfront or failing that he'll simulate you to a virtual car crash

as he pile drives you into the turf.... Byron style. Sheesh he might even throw in half a smile for good measure.

Enviable Tradition

Professional Procrastinator
Oct 12, 2007
The Hills
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Did I hear right .. Ken said to him, get ready for midfield ...
I was feeling a bit worried about us needing a gun midfielder to go to that next level.

Now with all the talk of Rozee, Butters and now Jones getting in there I am getting very excited.

Longer quarters will give them plenty of chances.

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