Welcome Lachlan Jones - Pick #16 2020 National Draft (match NGA bid)

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 25, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Looked off AFL pace last week but was a different player this week, far more composed with the football and just looked to understand his role a lot better. I've gone from being unsure about his ability to play AFL this year to being confident he can slot in if needed.
Having watched the reply now, he was better then i gave him credit for live. I think theres a few ahead of him, but like you i don't doubt he will be able to play a role for us if needed or if he can force his way in.

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Premiership Player
Jul 1, 2014
Adelaide, Australia
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Lakers, Ducks, Yankees
I have not been impressed with him this off-season, but yesterday I saw a few signs that he's improving and finding a role to play within the team. I don't think we can be expected him to get 16-18 touches a game off half back in year 1, but when he plays he needs to be that enforcer across half back sweeping between the defence and midfield. Timed his spoils well yesterday - much better than the inter club trial and our first hit out against West Lakes at Alberton, where he was getting in the way of his team mates who were better positioned to make plays on the ball.

He's not ready for AFL level yet - his disposal needs considerable work. But with a bit of time I think he has the potential to develop into a handy shut down defender.


Club Legend
Mar 26, 2017
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
I mean, he's a 0 gamer looking to break into a top 4 side that has minimal injuries, he really shouldn't be in the round 1 side. Jones is looking pretty ******* good for what we paid for him and the criticism is warranted, but what he is being criticised for is what you should expect in a first year player. I've seen enough to believe he will play 100+ games.

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