Official Team Thread Las Vegas Bears - Season 18 Team Thread

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Mar 25, 2008
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Whenever the match poster gets around to it... but I think they have until today some time usually.

We have the West Coast Wonders... my old team.

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Jun 1, 2014
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Okay guys, so we had a down week but it was a much better effort last week.

The boys that stood out and shone through were brahj again, Big Cox 88 and the ever reliable DemonJim. Ochre was good on debut with 14 touches, 4 tackles and his first goal in the big leagues.

However Dingster couldn't get up and about for his 150th this week only managing the solitary handball, Citroin, saintkildaman and FiveStrings could only manage 4 kicks, 1 mark and 4 handballs between them. Juggalo Balla was also dragged after only slotting 1 major.

brahj and Brown Bottle continue to dominate the possessions and are 1 & 2 in both kicks and handballs. brahj and getgaff are proving strong overhead leading the marks category. DemonJim keeps showing that when he doesn't have the footy, he wants to go get it, top of the list in tackles and free kicks for. Juggalo Balla is still leading the goal kicking race with 10 big ones and Matera92 still needs a bit of work with 0.5 and 7 free kicks against next to his name already.

brahj was best on ground for us this week IMO, with Big Cox 88 and Magruder not too far behind. pantskyle was woeful this week only managing 5 hitouts ;)

Posting wise, well we were well down on last week which isn't such a bad thing. brahj continues to spam the **** out of all the threads, leading the charge this week with pantskyle. getgaff and kane249 were getting amongst it more than usual, both up on last week, as was Dingster and ioppolo. Apart from Brown Bottle, myself and the inactives, everyone else was down in total posts from last week.

ChampRevesby, GreatBradScott, Greater Gattsby, hilly, Keyser Soze, Ochre, QS, YouDontKnowJack are still yet to trouble the scorekeeper postwise this season. Let's hope Bryce_Jersey17 and the rest of the boys can get into the next match thread and get around the mighty Bears!!!

Next game is against the bum buddies Clarkey and Crowwie and the rest of the Wonders shambles of an outfit. We're at home, in Vegas, the greatest city on earth and ready for our first win infront of a home crowd!!!!

Much Love,

THB :hearts:
How come my name isn't on a couple of those lists e.g last one


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Oct 1, 2007
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This weeks match thread looks to be a fizzer.

Wonders don't have many active posters and there best in PVF isn't playing this week due to losing a bet.
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