Teams Las Vegas Raiders - The Black Hole

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All Australian
Oct 23, 2006
AFL Club
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Liverpool, Chi Bulls, LV Raiders
Extremely early days and obviously back-ups but the O-Line looks VERY solid.

I'm predicting our season will live and die by how well the O-Line goes and so far so good.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 1, 2014
Adelaide, Australia
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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Lakers, Ducks, Yankees
Lots to like about yesterday's performance. For a first pre-season game it was a fairly clean affair, not many mental errors, limited penalties etc. Stidham looked composed and in command of the offense. Whilst no where near the level of Carr, I'm comfortable with Stidham coming in for a few games in the event of an unlikely injury.

Run game looked real good. Josh Jacobs had plenty of explosion coming out of the holes, and I thought Zamir White impressed with his ability to run through opposing defenders. I was not impressed with Kenyan Drake - he looked real sluggish and couldn't get through the holes between the tackles. I won't be surprised if Drake is a "surprise" cut with Ameer Abdullah beating him out for the 4th RB spot on the roster.

Defensively few assignments were missed, didn't appear to be any big coverage breakdowns and tackling for the most part was sound and effective.

All in all, a solid start. No major injuries either. On to the next.


Sep 6, 2005
AFL Club
Raiders under McDaniels look like a highly well-drilled team. Obviously they were coming off a 10 win season and unlucky playoff loss to Bengals, but still looked like they improved already.

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