Last night proved that we don't need the Grand Final at the MCG anymore.

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Talons B Sharp
Sep 26, 2012
AFL Club
Let me hold your hand and lead you through the Victorian thought process...

WE don't give up anything unless it is absolutely necessary...

We like smart and efficient and thoughtful people guiding everyone through things properly..

and we are just talking about one thing and yet everything...

You don't get something for nothing and you don't have it if you don't sit comfortably with our rules..

Those rules mean that we are always looking over your shoulder and we always travel with everything on the line..

Take heed those who like to proceed without caution of the Melbourne way of life...

Take heed....


Senior List
Nov 27, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
IMHO, the most important thing is getting as many supporters of the two competing clubs in as possible.

Imagine being a Dogs fan who was waiting since the 1950s to see a GF, but instead of hosting it at the G where 100k can attend, it was at the GABBA and just 40k could rock up.

In what scenario do you think their would be ‘unsold’ allocations, when club allocations are less than 10k?

All you are doing is stopping club members from being able to go see their club in a GF.
I understand what you are saying, but on the other hand imagine being a Sydney fan and not having your team having to play that game in front of a seething mass of predominantly Victorians, all supporting the Doggies.
I go back to my argument that has been consistent thru this discussion. For me, my opposition to the G contract isn't about how many can go, it's about those that can't, and will never be able to go. Having it at the G every year is giving a percentage of the AFL supporter population NO chance of ever seeing a GF and that to me is not acceptable. I still maintain the contract is quite simply disrespectful towards those supporters and hypocritical from an organisation that is always telling us how they are leaders in inclusivity.
As for unsold allocations, I referred to those from NON-COMPETING clubs.
Do you think Freo members would travel to Brisbane for the GF if their team wasn't playing? No!
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